10 Different Type of People That You Can’t Help by Dr Charles Apoki

As award-winning Nigerian singer, Davido will tell us ‘We Rise By Lifting Others‘ and the current challenging economic time in Nigeria presents the need and urgency to help and look out for each other.

But you must know that you can’t help a person or else they want help. They might need help but sometimes if they don’t want it, then there is nothing you can do about it.

Dr. Charles Apoki gave an insightful teaching on people who cannot be helped.

1. Someone who is not willing to change

The willingness to accept change comes from within; you can’t force anyone to change. When you meet someone who repeatedly does what is wrong, and does not see the need to change or feel remorse despite corrections, you can never help such a person. If you have a friend, relative, spouse, or child like that, they will always cause you stress. If you are to live long and have peace of mind, you must understand that you can’t change every person and you can’t help every person.

To effectively help people, look for someone who is willing to change, then expend your energy on someone who is unwilling. Also, learn to distinguish between those you can help and those who are looking for excuses for their failures.


2. Someone who is not willing to learn

See the complete post alongside videos on his blog. Read via the link below. https://drcharlesapoki.com/2020/12/20/ten-people-you-cannot-help/

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