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Mama Chinedu/Iamdikeh

Iamdikeh whose real name is Chukwudike Damian Akuwudike is a Nigerian comedian, actor, and footballer.

He was born on the 11th of May (Year of Birth is unknown) and hails from Ezinihitte Mbaise, Imo State, Nigeria.


Before becoming an Instagram sensation, Iamdikeh has always been a footballer and plays for “Help the Talent Academy” at the national stadium. He started making comedy skits in 2016 just for fun but along the line, his friends persuaded him to take the comedy career very seriously and he yielded to the advice of his friends.

Iamdikeh started with the character name “Papa Boyo” and by then he didn’t even have a phone, so he uses his friend’s phone to shoot his videos and the videos were edited by his friend.

Along the line, In 2016, he dropped the character “Papa Boyo” and picked up a new character & name “Mrs. Dikeh“. At the time, his parents didn’t approve of his comedy career as it wasn’t financially rewarding then but they now support him. In 2017, Josh2funny, one of the top Nigerian Instagram comedians featured him in his TV Series, and around the same period, Iamdikeh also came second in the ‘oyinbosaychallenge’ by Broda Shaggi and they both helped in promoting his page on Instagram. At the end of the ‘oyinbosaychallenge’, Iamdikeh brought his younger brother into his comedy videos and changed his stage name from “Mrs. Dikeh” to “Mama Chinedu”.


Iamdikeh lost his dad in December 2019 but his mother is still alive and supports his career. His younger brother, Chinedu is involved in all his comedy skits. At this time, there is no information about his relationship status or any partner.

Iamdikeh Net Worth

Iamdikeh is currently worth 21 Million Naira. He makes his money from promoting brands & individuals through his comedy skits and Instagram page and also earns from monetizing his videos.

Iamdikeh Comedy Videos


Mama Chinedu/Iamdikeh

IamDikeh/Mama Chinedu

Mama Chinedu & Chinedu
Mama Chinedu & Chinedu

IamDikeh/Mama Chinedu

IamDikeh/Mama Chinedu

IamDikeh/Mama Chinedu

IamDikeh/Mama Chinedu

Social Media Platforms

Instagram: @iamdikeh

Facebook: Iamdikeh

YouTube: OfficialiamDikeh

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