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Josh2funny whose real name is Chibuike Josh Alfred is a Nigerian standup comedian, MC, and Instagram personality. He was born on the 18th of January, 1990, and hails from Anambra State, South-eastern part of Nigeria. He was born in Anambra and lived there till he was 8 years old and moved to Mushin in Lagos State where he grew up.


Josh2funny’s career kicked off as early as when he was still in secondary school. He started playing comic roles in school and was part of the debating club in his secondary school. He was under the tutelage of Koffi for a five year period where he sharpened his comedy skills. Contrary to the belief of many, Josh2funny’s comedy career didn’t start on Instagram as he was already playing shows as a standup comedian way before he joined Instagram. He saw Instagram as an opportunity to showcase his talent to more people and grow his fanbase and he capitalized on it in the growth of his career. His cross-dressed comedy skits where he plays the role of Mama Felicia with his partner Bello Kreb and also hilarious covers to songs with his hymn book turned upside down made him stood out from the numerous Nigerian Instagram comedians. The Mama Felicia character stirred up rumors that he was gay but he came out to debunk the rumors stating that the character is just for comedy and he is attracted to women and not men. He has unlocked a lot of characters recently like Juga, the OG in the hood that has a past with almost every person including celebrities and older people in the streets, also Resurrection Power, who releases hilarious and gospel inclined covers of popular secular songs with oversized, single-color coats. In 2020, he started the Don’t Leave Challenge, unarguably the biggest & most successful challenge to ever come out of Nigeria. He is currently one of the Top Ten Instagram comedians in Nigeria, a feat that we can all agree that he deserves.


Josh2funny obtained a degree in Computer Science at the Federal Science and Technical College, Yaba, and also attended a school of Performance arts, Qban Centre in Ikoyi, Lagos.


Apart from the regular comedy that we all know him for, Josh2funny is also an actor and a good one at that. Here are some movies & Series he has featured in.

  • The Interview
  • My Flatmates
  • The Ghost And The Tout


His numerous talents have also been recognized by awarding bodies in Nigeria. Here some awards and award nominations Josh2funny has secured in his career.

Year Award Ceremony Prize Result
2016 Outstanding Young Achievers (OYA) Awards Most Outstanding Comedian Of The Year Nominated
2018 Social Media Award Most Engaging Content Creator Winner

Net Worth

Josh2funny’s estimated net worth in 2020 is ₦135 million. He earns from promoting brands through comedy skits, song promotions, YouTube monetized videos via Google Adsense, gracing comedy shows, movies, and his own comedy shows.

Relationship Status

Josh2funny and his Fiance

It is no news that Joshfunny is in a relationship. He made his relationship public in October 2019 after he proposed to his girlfriend. Even tho he has revealed her face in photos and videos, she still remains a mystery as many don’t know her name, any social media account, or if she is even Nigerian as her accent doesn’t sound Nigerian.

Josh2funny and his Fiance

Comedy Videos



Social Media

Instagram: @Josh2funny

Twitter: @josh2funny

YouTube: Josh2Funny Ent.

Facebook: Josh2funny


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