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Lasisi Elenu

Lasisi Elenu (Born on 20th April 1991) is a Nigerian comedian, actor, and MC. Many high authority websites declare Nosa Afolabi to be his real name but on his 29th birthday, Lasisi took to Twitter to finally inform fans that his real name is Olanrewaju Uthman Akanbi Joshua Peters and he also confirmed this in one of his comedy videos.

He was born in the Nigerian Air Force Base, Kano as his father was in the military (Air force) but he later moved to Lagos. Apart from being an Instagram comedian, Lasisi Elenu also doubles up as a stand-up comedian and has featured in a couple of Nollywood movies. He is currently one of the Top Ten Nigerian Instagram Comedians.


Before he started ranting on Instagram, Lasisi was an MC and a full-time musician with the stage name Nature‘, both of which career didn’t work well for him as he struggled in both careers. Right from his childhood, he had always loved to rant but not ranting from a place/point of anger but to make a jest. He always teased his sister back at home while growing up and complained a lot about her just for fun.

His comedy career started off from his Whatsapp as he occasionally makes rant videos and posts on his Whatsapp story for his friends. The videos were met with mixed reactions as some of his friends were of the opinion that the videos were funny and would keep asking for more while some others didn’t like it and made their opinion known to him. In August 2017, he opened a new Instagram account for the Lasisi Elenu brand and started sharing his rant videos both on Whatsapp and on Instagram.

His breakthrough video was the pothole rant video where he complained about how rich people in Lagos react to potholes while driving. When the video went viral he went from 200 followers to 10,000 followers on Instagram in a space of two days and in no time his intro ‘Hello Everyone Laisi (Lasisi) is here again, Something Just Happened Right Now‘ became an anthem on social media.

With the Snapchat filter that altered his face and vocals, Lasisi remained anonymous online on purpose but his anonymity was short-lived as his identity was first revealed online by Nigerian blogger, Tunde Ednut at an unguarded moment during his rant video when the filter went off, his face was captured and the screenshot from the video went viral online as people really wanted to see the real face of the man who had been putting a smile on their face. Lasisi who had plans to officially reveal his face to his followers later on was forced to unveil his face on the 1st of January, 2018 and he gave two reasons as to why he had to reveal his face.

(1) It was limiting him to the number & type of things he could do as some brands were hesitating to work with him as they felt he won’t be able to deliver for them properly with this Snapchat filter identity. That made him lose out of many opportunities at the time.

(2) It was difficult to retain the hidden identity. Keeping his identity a secret in Nigeria was really a difficult task as people around him or people who come in contact with him, constantly takes photos of him and post online without his permission.

Lasisi have since grown professionally and has adopted several characters which can be seen in the image below. He plays the ‘Sinzu Money‘ character (A Yahoo Boy [Internet Fraudster]) so well that a lot of Nigerians accused him of actually being an internet fraudster in real life.

Lasisi Elenu Characters
Lasisi Elenu Characters | Image Source: Oyatokun Gabriel Mosebolatan
Lasisi Elenu Characters
Lasisi Elenu Characters | Image Source: Oyatokun Gabriel Mosebolatan


Lasisi studied Health Education at the University. Due to the nature of his father’s job, his family was always relocating so he had his primary education in several schools.


Before going into comedy, Lasisi was a musician with the stage name ‘Nature’ and he released a single titled ‘What Is The Matter‘.

Net Worth in Naira (2020)

Lasisi Elenu’s net worth in Naira as of 2020, is estimated to be ₦19.2 Million.


Lasisi Elenu’s talent hasn’t gone unnoticed by awarding bodies in Nigeria as he has been nominated for a couple of awards in Nigeria. The table below shows the list of Lasisi’s award nominations.

Year Award Ceremony Prize Result
2018 City People Music Award Comedy Act Of The Year Nominated
2018 The Future Awards Africa Nigeria Prize for comedy Nominated
2018 Nigerian Entertainment Award Best Comedy Act (Online) Nominated


Lasisi ElenuLasisi Elenu

Lasisi Elenu

Comedy Videos

Social Media

Instagram: @lasisielenu

Twitter: @lasisielenu

YouTube: Lasisi Elenu

Snapchat: @lasisielenu

Facebook: Lasisi Elenu

Tiktok: @lasisielenu8

FAQ About Lasisi Elenu

(1) How He got the name Lasisi Elenu

Answer: The name Lasisi was his Dad’s name so he decided to use it as his stage name as he and his siblings have always found the name funny as it appeared to them as just a combination of letters without meaning while the Elenu name was inspired by the big mouth Snapchat filter.

(2) Favorite food?

Rice (Any type of rice: Jollof, fried, white…)

(3) How Old is Lasisi?

Lasisi is 29 Years Old.

(4) Favorite Musician?

Answer: Rick Ross

(5) Favorite football club?

Answer: Barcelona (Tho he is not a lover of football).

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