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Sydney Talker

Sydney Egere (Born on October 12, 1995) who is well known as Sydney Talker is a Nigerian Instagram comedian/Content creator & MC. The 24-year-old comedian hails from Edo State but was born and raised in Lagos State.


Sydney is the only child of his parents and his parents got divorced when he was very young. His mother recently got re-married and Sydney shared photos from the wedding event on Instagram. In a text-based interview with Punchng, Sydney revealed that he hasn’t seen his biological father in twelve years. Sydney is currently single and not in a romantic relationship with anyone.


Sydney’s parents divorced when he was still very young and this had an effect on his life as he was raised up in different places but he spent most of his time with his mum. Due to his upbringing, he felt left out most-time which turned him into an introvert and he resorted to watching comic videos to keep himself company. The comic videos ignited his love for comedy and he got into comedy right from his secondary school. His first Instagram comedy skit was posted on the 4th of March 2016, a skit titled ‘Assuming the Power of your tongue works instantly‘ and at the time he had just 2000 on Instagram but he has since grown to become one of the top ten Instagram comedians in Nigeria as he has over a million followers on Instagram. His biggest comedy skit so far is a video he made with Davido, where he was star-struck on meeting Davido and had to cut off and laminate his hands and the cloth he wore that day out of excitement. Sydney Talker’s constant use of a white towel in his comedy videos got him the nickname ‘The Towel Guy‘, an act which he did on purpose in order to stand out from the other Instagram comedians and have something to be recognized with. Sydney Talker has worked with some of the finest comedians in Nigeria including Basket Mouth, Craze Clown, Buchi, Bovi, Zfancy, Igosave, Nasty Blaq and many other. In October 2018, Sydney started a comedy series ‘Bad Mout‘ in the University of Benin, a competition where contenders challenge themselves with “bad” words or punchlines which are in No way Personal or Vulgar. He recently got featured in the season 3 of Bovi’s popular comedy series ‘Back To School’, where he played the role of a tomgirl.


In 2016, Sydney gained admission into the University of Benin (UNIBEN) to study computer science and he is still undergoing the course currently. He selected the course out of his love for film-making as he had to go for Computer science since film-making isn’t a major course in Nigerian Universities.


Sydney Talker who constantly receives love & nice compliments from Nigerians for putting a smile on their faces saw a different side of Nigerians during the COVID-19 pandemic. In a bid to criticize the NCDC (Nigeria Centre for Disease Control), Sydney Talker released a video showing his conversation with the call attendant for the NCDC COVID-19 emergency contact and complained of their poor reception. Usually, in cases like this, Nigerians always take the side of the citizen and criticize the Government, but this time, to the surprise of Sydney Talker, he came under heavy criticism for making jokes off a serious issue as the COVID-19 as well as putting a strain on the already overworked NCDC. In order to salvage his brand, Sydney later took to Twitter, in a now-deleted Tweet, to inform fans that the call wasn’t a prank call but a friend of his was showing symptoms of the virus and the NCDC refused to get him tested because he doesn’t have travel history or showing enough symptoms. A few days later, Sydney deviated totally from the initial story of his friend being symptomatic and released a video of himself struggling to breathe as a potential symptom of the COVID-19 in order to gain public sympathy. He asked to be tested by the NCDC and they obliged and tested him and the result came out negative. A few days later, screenshots from his initially released video showed Sydney laughing slightly at unguarded moments in the video and the criticism kept on coming on Twitter with the hashtag #sydneynafraud. On the 3rd of April 2020, in a series of Tweets and Instagram live video, Sydney Talker apologized to Nigerians for his actions.

Sydney has also been criticized on Twitter for promoting sexual harassment with his comedy skits. 

Net Worth in Naira (2020)

Sydney’s net worth in Naira is currently estimated at ₦19,000,000 (Nineteen Million Naira) as he earns his income from advertising for brands through his comedy skits to his over a million followers on Instagram. He also earns from mastering ceremonies & from Google Adsense through his monetized comedy skit videos and the ‘Bad Mout‘ series on YouTube.


Year Award Ceremony Prize Result
2019 Gage Award Online Comedian Of The Year Nominated (lost to Taaooma)


Sydney TalkerSydney Talker

Sydney TalkerSydney Talker

Social Media

Instagram: @sydneytalker

Twitter: @sydney_talker

YouTube: Sydney Talker

Facebook: Sydney Talker

email: [email protected]

Comedy Video

FAQ About Sydney Talker

Is Sydney Talker related to Chioma?

Answer: Sydney Talker is in no way related to Chioma Rowland

Is Sydney Talker in a relationship?

Sydney is currently single

Profile Summary

Real Name Sydney Egere
Date Of Birth October 12, 1995
Age 24
Religion Christian
State Of Origin Edo State
Occupation Comedian, Actor, MC
Education Currently Studying Computer Science at the University Of Benin (UNIBEN) in Nigeria
Net Worth Unknown
Relationship Status Single
Associate(s) Nasty Blaq, Zfancy

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