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Dablixx Osha

Dablixx Osha Marleba whose real name is Oniyide Azeez is a Nigerian rapper & trap singer.

He was born on the 27th of August, 1995, and was born and raised in Lagos State Nigeria which is his state of origin. He rose to fame due to his series of viral and impressive Instagram freestyles videos. His Instagram freestyles/trap songs were mostly in the Yoruba language & English and it mainly talks about disloyalty, pain, trust, life issues, street smartness, and sometimes hardcore rap.

Dablixx Osha was signed to MMG Record but currently an independent artist. Dablixx Osha’s appearance is likened to American rapper, Lil Wayne due to his multiple tattoos and he is currently the Nigerian celebrity with the most tattoo.

In terms of music release rate, Dablixx Osha is likened to Ghana’s Shatta Wale as he keeps on releasing songs after songs with no break, planned release, or whatsoever.

Dablixx Osha Controversy

Dablixx Osha was called out by Nigerian music distributor and artist manager, DJ Ruff Lemon for being ungrateful. According to DJ Ruff Lemon, he tutored and nurtured Dablixx Osha during his early days and humble beginnings and also introduced him to some high profile names in the industry with the hope and promise of being remembered and compensated when his eventually succeed in the music industry, but as soon as his Dablixx’s career started to take off, he forgot and cut off DJ Ruff Lemon.

This type of news wouldn’t be a big deal if it was concerning another artist as it is now becoming a norm but it was a surprise coming from Dablixx Osha who constantly preaches loyalty in a lot of his songs.

Dablixx Osha Net Worth (2020)

Dablixx Osha’s estimated net worth in 2020 is $45,000.

Dablixx Osha Music Videos


Here is a list of Dablixx Osha’s song

  • Hating On A Young Nigga
  • No Feelings
  • Vanity
  • Tonny Montanna (EP)
  • They Can’t Understand
  • Change Eh
  • Project Kid
  • Pray We Live Long
  • King of The New Skul
  • Wanna Laugh
  • Jaramose
  • Dead Can’t Die (With Mr Bee)
  • Gurumaraji (Feat. Lil Frosh)
  • Say No To Big Fall (Feat. Zlatan)
  • Moller (EP)
  • Stay Woke
  • Hating On A Young Nigga
  • Wasted
  • 50 (EP)
  • Vibe On Quarantine (EP)
  • I Gat You (with Oladips)
  • Malarry (EP)
  • Tattoos
  • Why
  • Bad Boy
  • No Love In The Street
  • Double Six


Dablixx Osha

Dablixx Osha

Dablixx Osha

Dablixx Osha

Dablixx Osha

Social Media Handles

You can connect with Dablixx Osha through his various social media platforms below.

Instagram: @dablixx_oshaa

YouTube: Dablixx Osha

Twitter: @DablixxOsha

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