10 Different Type Of People When They Get High

Women Eating Eba

Different strokes for different folks. There are several ways people react when they get high and these are some very common reaction we see or have experienced when high.

(1) The Ones That Get Very Hungry

Women Eating Eba

For this ones, as soon as they are high, it is as if there is some monster in their stomach consuming all the food coming in and the food that has been there already.

(2) The ones That Sleeps and Shut Down Completely

Nigerian Police Woman Sleeping With Her Uniform

For these ones, as soon as they get high they shut down completely and even if the building they are currently in is collapsing, they will never wake up. Most of this type of people eventually wake up either depressed, frustrated, or hungry.

(3) The Ones That Get Really Creative

This category of people, as soon as they get high, they become very innovative and creative. A lot of musicians fall into this category. Once they are high they start spitting bars and recording hit songs.

(4) The Energetic Ones


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Truth is that some people actually get high in order to become energetic. Some get high in order to perform well in bed, some performers get high before climbing the stage in order to boost their energy or overcome the stage fright.

(5) The Happy Ones

Some people get high in order to forget their problems and get happy and they really achieve this once they get high. These ones get overly excited as soon as they are high and nothing can ever make them sad until they are sober.

(6) They Horny Ones

Ok! it is advisable that you should really stay away from this type of ones. These ones get really horny as soon as they are high and will pay any price or do anything to quench their sexual urge.

(7) The Ones That Gets Confused

Klint Da Drunk

Want to hear the dumbest questions or see the dumbest reactions? then get close to this category of people when they are high.

(8) The Slow Ones


Your patience have to be on a hundred for you to be able to stand these ones. They get very very slow and just useless as soon as they get high. They act like the 0.5 playback speed on YouTube.

(9) The Talkatives

This category of people easily let out their secrets as soon as they are high. They talk about both relevant and irrelevant issues.

(10) The Violent Ones

Another category of high people that you should really avoid. They are always ready to create a scene and want to throw hands at any slightest provocation when they are high.


Which category do you fall into? or which category wasn’t mentioned here that you’ve witnessed? Let us know in the comment section below. Please don’t laugh alone don’t forget to share this post with your friends through the share buttons below.

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