10 Ways To Enter Nigerian Police Wahala

(1) Saying “I Know my Right”

You’ve probably watched too many foreign movies and seen videos online of white people telling their police “I Know My Rights” whenever they feel that their basic human right is being violated and you think you can easily do that in Nigeria, LMAO I pity your life.

Nigerian Police get easily worked up and triggered whenever anyone says the word “I Know My Right” to them. Or else you are rich and well connected in society, this would definitely not end well with you.

(2) Having a Tattoo

For Nigerian police, having a tattoo automatically makes you a suspect and you’ll be treated as such.

(3) Young Guy using the latest iPhone

I can’t tell if it’s just jealousy or what but if you are seen with the latest iPhone, most Nigerian police officers will quickly conclude that you are a Yahoo boy and you’ll be treated as one.

(4) Having Nothing For Them

When you are being stopped at a checkpoint by the police, they do some quick checkup and try to extort money from you, if you don’t have any money/bribe for them, then you better be faultless and without any sin because once you refuse to bribe them, the checkup gets intense automatically and if they find any fault or missing document then you are in big trouble with them.

(5) Having Dreadlocks

Another way of being profiled as a fraudster/Yahoo boy by the Nigerian police force is by just having dreadlocks. Even tho this is a norm and considered as your personal choice in other parts of the world, the Nigerian police don’t seem to see it in that light.

So as a young boy carrying deadlocks, before stepping out of your house looking all lit and expensive, just pray you don’t encounter Nigerian police on your way.

(6) A Youth Using Flashy/Expensive Car

Apart from the police, a lot of Nigerians don’t believe a young guy can amass wealth legitimately at a young age, so it is quite a general belief. So if a Nigerian Police sees you, a young guy in a really expensive car, for them, you must be a Yahoo boy. They will harass you until you drop something for them.

(7) Recording Your Conversation With Them.

When your conversation with a Nigerian Police is becoming awkward, you get tempted to record your conversation with them in order to have evidence later, that is a good idea but just be sure that they don’t find out that you are recording them. A good number of them will resort to violence, break your phone even and treat you way worse if they find out that you are recording them.

(8) Wearing Ripped Jeans

(9) Carry A Laptop In A Backpack

(10) A Guy putting on earrings

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