A Tragic Love

Life has been much of a rollercoaster since I met David. The first day we met, I felt a lurch in my heart and my heart lifted with joy when he walked towards me.

I was sitting on a chair facing the entrance to a cafeteria with my friend having a discussion when I saw a guy breezed out of the car and walked into the cafe I was in.

I gawked at him with mild curiosity, breathless and entirely aware of only him at that moment, as soon as he strode inside, he removed his dark shades, and our gazes locked.

He stared at me in half daze, partially immobile for a few moments, then he walked to the counter to order a meal.

After he was served his order, he paid for his meal, thanked the attendant, and carried the tray of food, walking briskly to a seat opposite where I sat, his eyes solely locked on mine. He sat and ate his food in silence yet gazing.

All the while my friend was chattering but I paid no attention to what was said, it seems she realized I wasn’t, she then shook me with her hands

“Victoria, are you listening to me” I heard her ask

“Of course, what were you saying?” I asked my eyes still on David.

“I was……” she cut short when she realized where my gaze was “Oh I see”

“See what?” I asked cautiously

“So you are gawking at that handsome guy?”

“I’m not gawking,” I said in a fake surprise looking at her slightly then turned my head to look back at him “He is so gorgeous right?” I asked smiling shyly

“Yes he is handsome, he seems to have also been staring at you Vic”

“I know” I mumbled to myself then to her

A while later after he had finished his meal, he walked up to our seat and introduced himself

“He’s coming here” my friend whispered excitedly.

“Hi, Ladies, Do you mind if I joined you?”

“Of course not, please do join us,” my friend said with a wide smile equally fascinated.

It was then I realized that my friend was also attracted to him and that made me immediately jealous.

“I am David, do you mind telling me your name?”

“I am Victoria,” I said in a soft voice meant to be seductive with my hands stretched

“Nice name, a pleasure to meet you,” he said taking my hands and caressing them.

Then he turned politely to my friend and asked of her name

“My name is Clara, nice to meet you,” she said in an annoying sensual voice of her own as they shook hands.

At that moment, David’s phone rang, he excused himself and picked up, had a quick conversation, and disconnected the call.

He stood up hurriedly and apologized

“I’m sorry ladies, it was a pleasure to meet you both but I have to leave, that was an important call that needs my immediate attention, but if you don’t mind Victoria, Can I have your card or should I give you mine, I do not want to miss seeing you again?”

“I do not have my business card with me here but you can drop yours and I’ll be sure to give you a call”

“Should I trust you to do that? I do want to hear from you again” he confessed, his eyes scrutinizing me

“Sure, I’ll give you a ring as soon as I can”

David gave me his business card, hesitated a bit more, staring at me avidly, before striding out from the Cafe.

That was how we met and I had never been so delighted to have met anyone as I was to meet him, he sweeps me off my feet, showers, and pampers me with every care and love a man can give.

I loved him with my entirety and he was adventurous, he made sure we went on occasional boat cruises, took spontaneous trips, went on romantic dates, and did all the things that make the knee weak and the heart swells up with so much love that it aches.

David was everything to me, as I was everything to him, we lived, we loved, and dreamt about spending the rest of our lives together.

Our wedding day was a dream every bride hoped to fulfill, it was a beautiful, bright morning, the birds were chirping, the skies were beautifully lightened up with the sun and the flowers bloomed.

I was sitting in front of a mirror fully dressed in my wedding gown, with a lot of people fussing over me and my mother, a tall, wonderfully aged woman stood dotting over me. My face had the brightest smile glowing from the joy of knowing Today was the day I’ll be with the man I love forever. I couldn’t be happier than I already was.

Moments later, I will be ready to walk down the aisle with the man of my dreams, father an all-trimmed man, walked into, all smiles in his black suit and white shirt, all dazzling clean.

He walked towards me as proud as a father can be, his eyes shining with unshed tears, he held me closer wrapping his arms and saying all the words of love and affection in his heart. I knew no doubt I was beyond blessed.

I could hear the violin playing the popular wedding sounds of “Today we love”, it was almost time to walk to the aisle to my man, I thought in delight.

About that time later, a man tried to push his way into the bride’s room, his eyes red and swollen, but the guard at the door refused him in causing a little commotion but Victoria’s father asked them to let him in.

It was Tom, David’s best friend, the dark look in his eyes told a story in itself that he had brought a bad news

He took a despairing look at Victoria before bending to speak into her father’s ear. The change in her father’s face told her something was wrong.

She thought in alarm ” Is it, David? Did he ditch her? “Was he involved in an accident?” Every possible thought crept into Victoria’s mind leaving her in a frenzy as she waited for her father to tell her what was going on.

Her father sighed deeply, rushing after Tom to find out whatever was going

Victoria rushed after them

“Papa, what’s going on”

“Baby, nothing is going on, I’ll be back soon”

“But, the look on your face tells a different story, it says that is not good news, please tell me what is going on” she persisted

“When I get back I’ll tell you what is going on but let me find out if it is true, but for now, everything is fine, don’t fret”

With that, he darted after Tom into the car waiting at the front of the house.

Victoria’s mum hastened to her side to calm her

“Now, now baby, don’t cry yet and don’t let your mind be in turmoil, I’m sure there is nothing wrong, it may be a minor issue that will be solved soon, you’ll see,” she said as she soothingly stroked her back.

Victoria waited in despair to find out what the problem is. An hour later, there was no sign of her father, Tom, or David himself. She could no longer keep from worrying and she paced the room carelessly.

Two hours later, Victoria’s Father returned in anguish, as soon as he came into the house, Victoria hastily ran to him and asked him to tell her what the matter his.

He looked at her with swollen eyes and tears dropping from her eyes, it took a lot of strength for him to talk.

“Victoria, there had been an accident, and David was in it”

“David! Accident!” She said in shock

“Tell me what happened to David” she pressed

“David was coming from his bachelor’s party, all drunk last night with another friend of his who was still quite sober when a truck drove into them in top speed, pushing them from their track off the cliff”

“When the police pulled them from where they fell into, David and his friend were already burnt beyond recognition, it took the precious ring you gave him to identify him”

“They want you to come to the morgue to see his body to identify him properly, I’m so sorry baby, I’m sorry”

Victoria could listen no longer, she yanked her hair free from the pin used to hold in place and ran from the room screaming in pain, her family behind her

She ran into the car her father drove back with and pulled the drive out of it, took the wheel, and drove to the morgue, her mother’s hit at the glass of the car and tried to get in but she did not stop.

When Victoria got to the morgue, she met David’s father and friends looking dejected, while his mother cried without control, though Victoria had contemplated while driving that it could not be true, David couldn’t be dead but as soon as she saw his family and friends she could not deny the truth anymore.

She demanded to immediately see the body, the nurse took her into the morgue, and as soon as she saw the body she broke down, she tried taking the hands, holding it shakily and weeping loudly.

She started at the ring on the fingers and she couldn’t deny it was David’s hand and it was their precious promise ring with which she had one in her hands.

Victoria stood weeping uncontrollably, tugging at the body and commanding it to stand up

” David, it’s your love, I’m here, please get up and talk to me, I’m here now, stand up and show them all that you are just joking, that you are sleeping and you will get up now”

The nurse tried to pull her away from the body but she gripped at it very hard, that she had to call on other nurses to be able to pull her from the body. As they dragged her she wept and screamed

“David! You can’t leave me now, David wake up” she kept screaming her lungs out as they pulled her from the room till she was exhausted and fainted into a coma

They quickly put her on the bed and rushed her to the emergency unit, did all they could, and put her on oxygen, to aid her breathing as her pulse was very weak.

Victoria spent Seven months in the hospital recuperating, her mother had stayed with her since the first day while the rest of hers and David’s family often came to visit her, they usually comforted her and hoped she would return home with them better and stronger.

A night while her mother was putting the blankets around her body, she woke up from sleep crying out “David!”

Her mother rushed to hold in her arms and comfort her. “I’m sorry mom,” Victoria said sobbing
“It’s okay baby, it’s okay, everything is going to be fine soon” she kept comforting, cleaning off her tears

“I’m sorry mom but I don’t think I can go on”

“No baby, don’t say that dear, you are going to be strong soon, you are such a strong girl, I know that you will be fine soon” victoria’s mom comforted her eyes red with unshed tears

Victoria soon started gasping for air, profusely telling her mom she was sorry, then she fell back into a faint.

Victoria’s mom rushed to find the doctors on duty to help her save her child, the nurses and doctors came rushing in trying to save her, but when the doctor checked her pulse, he found out it was already too late.

Victoria had passed on and wasn’t coming back. The doctor asked the nurses to pack up her body while the mother held her hands crying uncontrollably.

Victoria was buried beside her beloved David amidst tears.

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