Annabelle || Chapter 6 – The Truth (Last Episode)


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Chapter 6 – The Truth (Last Episode)


Chapter 6 – The Truth (Last Episode)

“What do you mean by a sad end of a woman to die after giving birth to a child? Who are you talking about?” My dad solicited

My mother wanted to speak when Principal Sam or rather Andrew’s voice rang through in high pitch seething with anger

“Enough of the storytime, I think it’s about time you tell us where that hole is, we don’t have all night”

“Come on Sam, let’s be civil, you were the one who told us to be gentle” Victoria replied as soothing as can be

“I’m tired of going back and forth, it’s almost dawn and we need to get out of here as soon as we can before someone notices and calls the cops” Sam growled before he turned at me and yanked at my hair in a vicious grip.

My father tried to snatch me from his grip but Sam was fast, he pushed him on the floor and when he wanted to rise from the floor to confront him, he put his hands into his back pocket and pulled out a pistol.

“Now you had better sit and be quiet, I am not a priest as you should have known, that deception is over and done with and as for you. He said to me, I am also not your principal. We planned all those things to extort money from you and every other acquaintance we made.

I threatened the priest of the church to play along with me and ask for donations, and the school was also taken over by us, they had poor management and we offered to buy them out which we did.

I took over the school and made it a brilliant place, where the rich could bring their children with the help of Victoria.

That is all you need to know, for now, it is time you tell us where you had the secret hole so you better get talking immediately, the faster you speak, the favorable it will be for you as we could get out of your hair quicker ” Sam stated pointing the gun to my head.

Both my mother and Victor had moved to stand beside him, my mother had her hands around my neck and Victoria stood at Sam’s right, all looking at my dad intimidatingly.

My dad shouted “I am not telling you anything”

“Are you sure about that?” Sam said cocking the gun in his hands as if preparing to pull the trigger.

“David, you don’t want to lose your child, do you and don’t you make of mistake, this is not a jest,” my mum said in her unusual calm voice again

“You this bitch, how dare you to use your child to threaten me just for your greediness,” my dad said reverently

“My child?” She laughed “of course Annabelle is your child but mine? She’s not mine and that’s all you will hear about that,” she said seething with anger

“What do you mean by she is not your child? you brought Anabelle to me and whose child would she be if not yours?” My dad asked disbelievingly

“David I think it’s time you give up on your incessant questions, there are many things you will find out maybe I’ll send you a note about it, so if you want to know about the demise of your beloved wife and what had happened on the day of the accident, I suggest you tell us where the hole is right now.

“Damn, how much you frustrate me,” she said, wiping her forehead in agitation. I still can’t believe there is a secret hole which I know nothing about in this house, I grew up here, this is my house and I know every nook and cranny of this house, I’m pretty sure, that is where the documents of everything else you own are, I have taken everything in your accounts, I made sure you will find out only after I’m gone”

We had gone to your attorney to get everything else but he had said you had collected them all, I’m sure they must be in that hole, so tell me where the hole is right now” she shouted at him in frustration.

“I am not telling you anything” he had replied adamantly

“Then get ready to say goodbye to your child” he cocked the gun once again but unexpectedly removed the gun from my head and pointed it at my father saying “I guess your fair loss of blood from the head has ruined your ability to discern this but hasn’t diminished your stubbornness. You need me to prove to you that I’m not here to play with you,” he said then fires the gun aiming for my dad’s leg.

The bullet hit him on the leg and he squealed in the agony of it, I cried out at the bullet hitting him and wanted to break free from Sam’s grip but he pulled me back to him unyielding to my cry.

“I believe that should have made you realize that I’m not here to joke with you,” he said. The second shot will be going into your daughter’s head if you do not tell me what I wanted to know”

My dad continued squirming in pain, blood oozing out of his legs

“Please, let go of my child, please I’m the one you have a score to settle with so let her go

Victoria started laughing at him and replied “Actually we have a score to settle with your family, not just you, if you haven’t been stubborn and given us what we wanted without the stress of threatening you, you won’t have been here.

You are the most despicable man I ever met, how do you live with a woman as desirable as I am and won’t even look at me with love for once, I had to drug you to be able to get a child, I do everything to please you yet you are not pleased, I never raised a complaint, I was always at your call, fulfilled every wish you had but you never seemed satisfied.

When I had the twin boys for you, I thought finally you were going to start loving me but I was wrong, you became worse, you loved your children more than you loved me especially this bitch, she pointed at me

Now you are at my mercy and I won’t hesitate to kill you and this bitch for the pains I had to endure for so many years by living with you, I always hated the both of you with all of me”

“Sister, calm yourself, it’s time to take revenge for you and take what rightfully belongs to us,” Victor said with a silent but deadly voice

“Now since the bitch knows where the hole is, she should take us there,” Victoria let out snatching me from Sam’s grip ” Take us there now or you are the one to die first tonight.

She tossed me to the ground and I wasted no time scrambling in fear to do their bid, I rushed to the wine shelf, pushing it aside easily revealing the secret hole.

Victoria had stared at me in wonder that the hole had been behind the wine shelf she had taken a drink from just a while ago, the two men’s faces revealed they were just as astounded.

Victoria let out amazed, she shoved me aside while I had run to where my father is still squirming in pain, “You mean there has a hole been behind this shelf all this while?” Then she began laughing, and the other two joined in the laughter

“Finally, Our last gift to ourselves after all these years of hard work” Sam has said

“Victor get into it and find out what is in it” Sam ordered

Victor made his way through it and soon returned with a big suitcase which was to be opened with a code

“It requires a code to open it” he had said

Sam took the bag from his hands and walked to where my dad and I had sat, he squatted putting the suitcase in front, then pointing the gun to his head he asked to open it

My dad quickly did as he was told, he pressed in the password and the box opened, in it was money and some documents that seem to be for my dad’s properties.

They had shouted in joy at what they had found, the next hour had been them packing boxes from the room upstairs and loading them into a van at the front, my mother took my brothers and led them into the waiting van. While they were loading, Sam had left his gun on the sofa in the living and seemed oblivious of it.

My father and I looked at each other and he whispered for me to move to take the pistol, I moved as quietly as possible until I had a grip of the gun and moved back to where I had sat with my dad.

When they had finished packing up and wanted to leave, they turned to look at us with a sneer and wicked smile that seem to be a farewell message and moved to walk out of the room

It was then I got my courage and screamed in anger and called at them

“Leave my brothers alone” I had said with the gun at my back

“What did you say?” Sam had asked shocked

“You can leave here with everything but do not take my brothers with you”

“You bitch, I’ve had enough of you” Victoria let out angrily “Sam give me your gun”

He made a move to remove the gun from his back pocket but he could not find it, he looked around to check for it

“It’s not with me” he announced”

“It is right here,” I said

They moved back from me a little shocked

“How did the gun get into her hands,” Victoria asked

” I don’t know”

“Now listen you little bitch, you do not know how to use that and you cannot scare me, give that weapon to me” Victoria had said while carefully trying to walk towards me intimidatingly

I moved back in dismay and trying to move from her, I did not know how to fire the weapon but I wasn’t going to let them take my brothers with them

The three of them made to snatch the pistol out of my grips while I continued to move back till something tripped me off and I fell pulling the trigger. The bullet went flying across the room and caught my mother on her chest.

She gave a soft gasp and fell on the floor dead. I was devastated at what had happened, the two others shouting

“Victoria” carrying her body in their arms

Victor had stood up and made a move towards the spot the gun fell at to retrieve it

When we heard the siren blaring from afar as cars sped near and closer to the place I was and I realized at that moment that someone must have called the police.

“Let’s go” Sam had said desperately pulling at Victor but he had continued stubbornly at the gun, he took in his hands and turned to shoot at me

“Let it be Victor, there are only two bullets in the gun and it has been shot”

Victor screamed in anger and pulled me up with my dress, he then struck me across my face.

I knew at that moment he meant nothing but to kill me for what I’ve done. Sam had run out of the door and we soon heard him starting the van and driving off leaving Victor on his vice.

When Victor had struck me till I was so weak I could barely stand, he became sane again, he locked the front door and made to escape using the secret back door

The cars screeched to a halt in front of the house still blowing sirens, car doors opened,

A policeman uses a megaphone to speak from out at the front door telling whoever was in the house to give up, drop the gun in our hands and raise our hands.

Three policemen forced their way into the house knocking the door off free from its hinges, they pointed their guns at me and asked me to get up slowly and quietly from the floor.

I pointed at the secret back door and told them incoherently that someone had taken off through it.

Two of them dashed out through the back door after Victor to nab him and soon came back with him in cuffs.

My dad and I were taken to the hospital for treatment while Victoria was taken to the morgue.

It was at the hospital that we found out that Sam had left my brothers off at an empty house and took off with his newfound wealth, he had driven into a sinking mud when he was trying to maneuver and outrun the police and had sunk into the mud never to be seen again. I thought his death was too easy.

Victor was taken to the cell, I was only allowed to see him after I got out of the hospital.

My dad’s friend had taken me to see him while my dad was recuperating in the hospital.

He had confessed that they had kidnapped my dad’s wife on the day the accident had happened and pushed the driver off the cliff

They had wanted to kill her as well but she had asked for them to be merciful to her child. Sam had been the one who suggested they care for her till she delivers and use the baby to coerce him to give up all they wanted from him.

Victoria had then seduced him the night she went to him but nothing had happened between them.

And when my dad’s wife had died after giving birth to her baby, it was decided that she had to take the baby to my Dad as her child and threaten to take the baby away if he refuses to marry her

They had known he would not dismiss her as he had been desperate for a child and he would not have disputed the baby to be his since they had a striking resemblance.

When Victor had finished his tale I was giddy and weak from this truth but also thankful that I had not killed my biological mother but then I finally understood everything and why she had felt hostility toward me and abhorred me so much.

Victor was sentenced to life imprisonment and when my dad had learned all he did he ensured he was taken to prison with severe security so that he won’t have a chance to escape from it.

He revealed that everything they had stolen that night from the secret hole had been fake and he had known for the longest time about the fraud Victoria and her brother had committed except from the Sam part and they had all wasted their lives for nothing.

The account they had taken the money into was traced and the monies were recovered.

Then we set to start our life anew, though we won’t be forgetting Victoria because of the twins, we are grateful for the peace and love we have found with just the four of us.

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