Annabelle || Chapter 1 – The Odds Around Me (a)

Annabelle || A Rosbena Fiction Story

Author: Oyesanmi Aminah


My name is Annabelle, and I am standing in the pool of blood of the person I just murdered,
I have never murdered anyone, I have never been a drug addict and I never intended to kill anyone but I just killed someone….

Chapter One

The Odds Around Me

I was born on the thirteenth of July to my parents, I was their first child with two siblings. My father, a very wealthy businessman, was formerly married to a woman, who suddenly vanished into thin air, following an accident. Her body was not found amongst the rest of the body recovered from the car crash she was perceived to have died from.

After her disappearance, he married my mother. My mother was formerly his secretary who later became his wife. How that happened is a mystery to me.

My parent’s married life is not something much of a lovey-dovey one, it was more of an alliance relationship that existed for the two of them.
My born day was coincidentally on my father’s third wedding anniversary to his beloved who was his first wife, I was often told as I grew up by my mother that “I was born to torture her”,

As I grew older, I remember her saying to me
“Seeing you every day makes me cringe”
“Mum, why would you say that,” I asked
“You remind me of that damn woman, your dad loved desperately” she replied bitterly
“But I’m your child, you should love me”

“Get away from me, I do not want to have anything to do with you” she rebuffed.
I could not understand her dislike for me, I am her daughter after all and she was supposed to love me.

I tried to understand why she was that way to me, as I grew older, I had to convince myself to understand her pains. I felt maybe it is because every birthday reminds her of the woman she replaced in my dad’s life, someone she could never become, no matter how hard she strived. I could remember a day my mum and I caught dad staring intently at a picture of the woman, which he quickly shoved into his drawer as soon as he noticed us standing in the doorway.

I turned to look at my mom as she turned around and stalked out of the room. I felt bad because although my dad married her he never forgot his first wife.
My dad loved his first wife, and though my father doesn’t talk much about it, I knew he never loved my mom as much as he loved her.

There was always a strange harmony between my parents, it was almost like they were perfect. My mom always had this smile on her face that fails to leave her face any time my dad was near. I never saw them argue even when either of them made mistakes.

Not until a night, I woke up from sleep hungry and decided to sneak out to steal some cookies from the jar in the kitchen. Suddenly, I heard a noise from my parent’s room that seemed as though they were arguing. I moved closer to the door to eavesdrop on what could be happening when I heard him say “You got all you wanted, This was all you wanted bitch!”.

I heard his footsteps coming near the door and quickly hid under the table in the hallway, as he barged out of the room ….  Read the part B of Chapter 1 Here!!

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