[MUST READ!!] A Good Day or Rather Not!

Sad unhappy african wife avoiding talk ignoring husband after couple fight feels indifferent offended, upset frustrated black girlfriend tired of problems, thinking of divorce with selfish boyfriend

Today is out of the many days I woke up feeling excited and anxious for a great
day ahead. I woke up humming and dancing to my favorite tune, took a long
shower, combed and straightened my long hair till it crackled from the
electricity. Took a long look at myself and said “Who is this charming princess”

I was so excited because the previous night, my friend, Rebecca who preferred being called Becky, well once said “it’s shorter and cooler, Rebecca is quite mouthful and boring don’t you think?”. Well, I do not agree but who am I to disagree? It’s her name, so she should do whatever with it.
She called me and said “Guess what” and I said “What” she returned “ Guess
Girlfriend, don’t be a bore”, I said “You got a new job” because Rebecca or
rather Becky is a fun girl though I think she takes it to the extreme, in two
years since we finished college she has taken up to five different jobs because in three to four months into the job she claims to be bored and as we speak she is on her third month on her new writing job. Well, as if it was that easy for some of us who never seem to get one easily but for Becca all it takes is a little charm and skill and she’s hired, Lucky her.

Becky Said “ Well that’s not it dear girl. I’m not bored yet, in fact, I think I’ll stick around this job a lot longer than usual, I’m passionate about this”. “Okay, what is it? You know I’m not so good at guesses so just spill it out” I said.
“Well, It’s just that I was on the chat with Lara and she said Your dear Crush is having a birthday bash tomorrow and I was invited, but you know I don’t go
anywhere without you darling, and j know how much you have been trying to
get Richard’s attention though God help me on knowing why you have a crush
on him, he’s cute and everything but I don’t think he has a heart, so I just want to let you know about it and ask if you’d be interested in coming with me?”

My heart lurched and I gave a quiet happy dance and lied and said “ Well, I
liked Richard but I realized we can’t work so I have taken my infatuation and wrapped it in a box, but I’ll be going with you because I have nothing better to do tomorrow, so what time is the party”.

Becky snorted, of course she knew I’m lying but said “ It’s 2pm noon so be
prompt and wear something delightful dear, you’re gorgeous but those sweat
pants you wear almost every day isn’t doing you justice”
“Okay, I’ll try” Then we chatted for a few minutes and ended the call.
I thought to myself after the call ended about what I’ll wear to the party, I’m much of a comfy clothes girl, I love them big and unflattering. And I wanted to make an impression on Richard tomorrow, then I remembered the long
flowery gown I bought a long time ago but haven’t worn, I took it out from my
wardrobe, ironed it, and said to myself “ Perfect”.

Noon came quickly as I packed my hair in a neat bun and wore the gown, it
was a red color gown fit for many occasions. I wore my heels, put my earrings
on, a touch of makeup and light fragrance perfume.

I picked my phone, dialed Becky’s number and told her I was on my way there, as I waved a cab, gave my address and was on my way, I sat and looked
through the window deep in thoughts with a smile on my face. I was still deep
in thoughts when the driver’s voices cut through and I realized we have stopped
“Why are we stopped” I asked

“Aunty Petrol has finished o”

“Finished as how?” I asked “ So you have been driving your cab while knowing
you do not have enough fuel?”

“Aunty no vex, I been think say e go reach me take you reach where you dey
go, before I go buy fuel”

“So what are we going to do now” I said, Fuming as I looked around and saw
no petrol station in sight.
“Abeg give me out of the money wey u want pay me, make I take carry bike,
go buy the fuel”
“So you don’t have money too, what’s all this at this time of the day” I said still fuming as I searched through my bag, I realized that I had left my purse at home, and I didn’t know what to say, I kept searching and not believing I could be so gullible as to forget my purse at home.

Then I said “ I think I forgot my purse at home”
“You say wetin?” Asked the driver
“I said I forgot my purse at home” I replied
“ which kind lie be this? So you want enter cab, reach where you dey go no pay me abi”
“Naso una dey do, all you this girls wey go dress fine but an thief una be, aunty you better bring out my money, or else this place no go contain me and you o”
“ What sort of nonsense are you implying at, why are you insulting me?” I
asked in anger as I got down from the cab.
The next scene before me was unbelievable as the driver started creating a big
scene and was shouting that I entered his cab without paying him.
That was when I got angered and dropped my phonetics and said
“ Oga you better, watch yourself, you never even carry me reach where I dey
go, you don dey shout say I no pay your money, na only purse I forget, if your
motor good you for just carry me go back, mak, I go take the purse and give
you your money but na nonsense you dey do”
“See her sharp mouth like say she get money for hand, Yeye girl”
We continued to argue as the crowd increased and I became embarrassed and
I heard people from the crowd saying

“ Aunty, you na fine girl na, pay the man him money na “ Said a man

“Abeg no be by fine o, naso dem dey do” said another

“ Na true, na all those fine girl sabi scam pass”

As comments were passed so did my embarrassment increase, as I picked my
phone and dialed my phone to call Becky to rescue me from the mess I was in.
As I wanted t dial I saw my purse on the foot mat in the cab, I was so annoyed that I took it, found some bills and paid the man his worth and picked my belongings as I walked out of the scene as fast as I could.
The little scene has spoiled my mood as fast as a sour milk can spoil a dinner meal, My phone rag continuously, but I was not in the mood, I decided to walk to clear my head a bit till I was quite cool, my phone rang again I checked the caller and saw it was Becky, I told her what had happened and told her I will soon get to her and took another cab.

I took the time in the new cab to get into a better mood, I was feeling much
better as the thought of seeing Richard again crossed my mind. We drove to
the birthday venue in silence, I got a glimpse of Becky talking with some
people I do not know then I saw Richard walk in with his friends.
I was so eager to catch up with them, I threw the driver his fare and stomped
out of the vehicle ready to run till I heard a tear, I wasn’t concern about it till I realized my dress was caught between the cab’s door and had torn.

I was ready to cry, Becky saw me as I struggled to remove my dress and rushed
to help me get it free, I threw my hands up in defeat and said “ So much for
thinking today is going to be a good day”

Becky tried to encourage me and took me to a nearby tailor to help me mend
my cloth, then we moved to the venue. I was so embarrassed and agitated but Becky seems to know what to say to sooth me, I guess her happy demeanor
was contagious after all.

We moved over to the party, everything was fun, cool and sweet, I tried to
move several times to where Richard was and I wasn’t aware of what was
going on around me, I just saw Lara and Richard talking and then Richard got
down on his kneel as if in imitation to tying his shoe laces, then I saw him pull out a ring box from his pockets, then he proposed to Lara. I was in shock as stared like a zombie as people cheered and scream as they wish the new couple well.

I looked dejected and said to myself “A good day I thought? Well I guess not!

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