My Call (A Journey) – Chapter 2 || School Life

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Chapter 2 || School Life

My life rules were even more stringent and the most excruciating and the reason for this was because I am a girl, I was told how to eat, drink and even talk or sit as regarding the proper etiquette.

My brothers were appointed as escorts for me by my father, they were to follow me to the school and bring me back after closing hours.

From primary to secondary school, I wasn’t allowed to stay longer than necessary after school hours as a time was stipulated to them for which I had to have gotten home, I had no male friends and unlike my brothers, I wasn’t allowed to bring friends home. Everybody ensured I was well mannered and protected, they made sure I adhered to every rule and regulation.

I could remember a time when we were asked to come to stay in the school, we were getting ready for the West African Examination Council(WAEC) exams. The previous set before ours had mass failures in the exams so to prevent that, it was decided that all senior secondary three students are required to stay in school so they can monitor us properly.

There was a night I was walking to our class for the night class when I had met a boy choking on something, I tried to help him clear his throats, I was hitting his back till whatever had

blocked his lungs had come clear, this was the position our night class teacher, Mrs Nwege, the popular gossip teacher had seen us.

She had wasted no time telling the principal about it though in an exaggerated way and the principal had called our parents even after we had both explained what had actually occurred, they were adamant about our fervent pleas.

My father had fetched me back home and after pestering me to confess a sin I had not committed, he had asked my mother to take me to the hospital for a virginity test.

That has been my life and that was how I had grown up. I could not decide on my terms nor could I question any decision made for me.

When I had done my Jamb examinations, my father ensured I picked The University of Lagos as my first choice so that I can stay close to home or better yet go to school from home just as John and James had done.

John had no problem at all going from home to school but James on the other hand grew apprehensive and refused to stay at home from his second year, they had both finished at the University of Lagos.

I was not admitted the first year, and after wasting one more year at home just to study in Lagos, he finally conceded defeat and allowed me to go study at the University of Ibadan.

The day I was to leave for school, my dad had talked about bad people that are in the University and how to steer clear of them.

His main topic of discussion was my virtue, he lectured me for three long hours till every word he said resounded in my head as if a radio had been playing in it.

I was ready to scream at the top of my lungs by the time my mother about giving her guidance. already fed up with them talking about the same stuff over and over again. But I stood there and listened to them talk about it and gave them the promise to be good and not leave them in the lurch, it’s either that or I wasn’t going anywhere at all.

My dad had decided he was dropping me off in school, my brother and I had already gone to the school to secure a bed space for me in one of the hostels the school offers and we had successfully gotten one. He had said he wanted to drop me off because he wanted to make sure I was safe, but I know better.

He wanted to know which room I was allocated and the kind of roommates I’ll be staying in it with.

The journey to school was as annoying as I had known it would be, my dad spent the whole journey repeating the same thing over and over again, I wanted to sleep so bad but I dare not doze off or I would have his displeasure to face if I dared close my eyes so I listened to it all, he only stopped talking when we drove into a restaurant along the express road and ate. As soon as we got back into the car, he continued his lectures.

When I caught a glimpse of my hostel building I was so excited to begin the new life in school, a life without incessant lectures, guards and friends. So when I got out of the car I expelled my first breath of relief, I did not realize I was even holding my breath until it came out in a loud sigh.

I quickly began offloading my things from the car and took them into the room, after two more trips of carrying the things I conveyed, I was carrying the last box, the box was quite heavy so I was staggering under its weight when a girl walked up to me, her name was Rebecca.

“Hi, do you need help with that?” She asked. I looked up to see a very pretty girl, dark eyes with long natural lashes and her hair was plaited in a neat, long braid.

I shook my head and said”No, it’s okay, I have a grip of it” I denied.

“I see the way you are struggling with it though if you do not mind, let me give you a hand”. She insisted

I conceded to her offer with a thankful smile ” I would appreciate that, thank you”
We walked into the hostel with the box between us and got to the room when she asked again

“Is this your room?” She asked
“Yes, it is” I replied.
“WOW, that’s nice” she exclaimed in a sweet melodious voice.

” Why are you excited that this is my room?” I asked curiously.
” This is my room as well, so that means that we will be roommate,” she said excitedly

“That’s great, when I brought in my other things, there was no one in the room so I don’t even know my roommates” I explained

” Yes, the other girls are not in, for now, they should be around though” she explained “My name is Rebecca, what about you?” She asked with her hand outstretched
I told her my name “I am Mary, Nice to meet you” I took her hand and shook it briefly

We talked for a few more moments, then I asked if she would like to follow me to the car to meet my dad and she agreed.

My dad was waiting in front of the car when we walked out of the building to meet him, I introduced him to Rebecca and they chatted for a few minutes, he inquired about Rebecca’s life, gave some advice in which Rebecca gave him soothing responses to his questions before he nodded satisfactorily and turned to walk into the car, he honked, waved at us and drove out of the school to return home. …

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