My Call (A Journey) – Chapter 3 || The Roommates

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Rebecca and I soon became fast friends, the most interesting part was that we were both in the same department, studying the same course. We sat and talked about ourselves and what we were expecting in the school. She was the one that told me that apart from the both of us, three other girls were assigned to the room but we also have some squatters

By evening the other roommates had arrived, there was a short plumpy girl, her name was Tayo, she was an Ibadan indigene and was two years our senior in the school. There was a dark, beautiful, and slender girl, her name was Lara, she was a new student just like I and Rebecca and the last girl was Kimberly, she was in her final year in school.

Kimberly and Tayo had been the ones who had brought squatters into the room, both had two squatters each. One of Tayo’s squatter girl’s name was Bimpe, she was just as plumpy as Tayo with a beautiful white set of teeth, then the other girl was Anne, she was slim, slender and from the way she was just chatting away with her friends, she seems to be a chatterbox.

Kimberly squatters, on the other hand, looked like they appeared to be twins, they introduced themselves as Omotola and Omotope, they were both slim, of average height and beautiful.

After the introduction, I took a look at the room and wondered where on earth these girls were going to sleep when the night comes, the room was getting stuffy and uncomfortable.

I wondered why they did not secure a room for themselves, but later found out that this was the usual way as every room in the building had squatters, some had even more than we do which left me dumbfounded.

It was later we discovered that both Kimberly and Tayo had received hostel payments from the girls but at a discounted amount.

Kimberly or rather Kim was quite playful with us and wasn’t playing matured with us all the time, Tayo on the other hand never played or gisted with us, she was always the one playing the mum in the room and since we were all cool in the room, nobody questioned her when she assigns orders.

This was not the case in the other rooms though, I remembered when two girls from the room adjacent to ours had fought themselves on the corridor because one of them had given the other a resounding slap because she was being disrespectful, this had led to very serious combat, it had taken the intervention of the portal to get them to stop.

Bimpe was the room cook, she thoroughly enjoys cooking and finds no problem cooking for us all, as long as we contribute our fair portion into preparing it, she was a really good cook and her meals were so tasty you cannot resist going for another plate.

We will always tease her to open a restaurant since she was that good and she promised to do that as soon as possible.

She explained that she would be attending and obtaining a certification from culinary school as soon as she is done with the University.

She bragged that she doesn’t want to do anything basic and that she doesn’t find opening a food kiosk or selling on the roadside appealing, she explained that she wanted a clean and big restaurant and getting the certificate will be a boost to her reputation.

Rebecca was everyone’s favourite, she seems to know what makes everyone tick, she just was a sweet girl, always helpful, playful, serious if need be and has a nice word for everyone. Even Tayo who proclaimed herself the room boss blushes like a fool whenever Rebecca starts to praise her.

Tayo was the cash madam and never failed to bring things for us all whenever she goes out which was frequently but she took exception for Rebecca and would get her many stuff whenever she goes out or goes home. They loved each other perfectly, it was almost as if they knew each other from home.

Lara and I were also fairly loved, I was the shy type and Lara was very outspoken, she speaks her mind and cares not whose heart was bruised.

She was known as the Miss sharp mouth in the room for her boldness at speaking the truth and expressing her feelings.

The roommates were cautious of relating with her while I on the other hand was called Miss Quiet because I barely say a word except when necessary.

Everyone loved each other, there was understanding, respect and we always had each other’s back at every point even when one of us is in trouble, we will always help one another out.

That was how amazing the roommates I had in my first year were.

When Kimberly, Omotola and Omotope had convocated from the school, we had cried our eyes out, the tears must have drawn attention to us because people stared at us as if we had lost our minds, so we had to watch ourselves and cry silently.

It was the first year I would never forget.

The rest of us still in school took it upon ourselves to stick together, so the second year in school, we ensured we secured a room together, it was a mission that seemed almost impossible considering the school we are in and the battle for getting a room but some strings were pulled and we were able to stay together. Read the Next Chapter (4) Here!

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