10 High Paying Skills That Will Make You Rich In Nigeria

The high-paying skills that will make you rich in Nigeria are not limited to a particular sector or niche. In previous years, professions such as medicine, engineering, lecturing, and law were all it takes to get rich in Nigeria. The narrative is different now as non-career-focused skills and professions such as fashion design, makeup artistry, fashion styling, photography, and more are making millionaires out of individuals.

Everyone wants to be rich and the search for high-paying skills that can make one rich is on the rise across the globe. In Nigeria, professionals on the previous high on-demand career parts are upgrading their skill sets and changing professions so they can earn better and become rich. As the Nigerian economy keeps declining, the need to earn better to meet one’s personal needs is a necessity. However, individuals can only earn better if they have mastery of the skills that are high paying and in high demand. These skills are not alien as anyone can learn, master, and earn well from any of them. Devotion and the right approach is the requirement when gaining mastery of either of these skills.

What then are these high-paying skills? What skills are currently making people rich in Nigeria?  Let’s delve into it and begin the journey to get rich! Shall we?

10 High Paying Skills That Will Make You Rich In Nigeria

(10) Fashion & Design

High paying skills that will make you rich in Nigeria
Image from Sgt Clothing

Fashion design is one of the 10 high-paying skills that can make you rich in Nigeria. This skill and line of the profession have been lucrative from time immemorial. The generations before us engaged in fashion and design which was referred to as tailoring. Custom-made wears were the heat of the fashion design market back in the days. A lot of top businesses made money from it.  In recent times, fashion design has been modernized and a lot of fashion arms such as ready-to-wear, Ankara’s RTW, slow fashion, Custom made wear, etc. Have been generated in Nigeria.

Each arm of fashion caters to a specific fashion need. The ready-to-wear brand, for instance, produces fitting wears that are ready-made to be worn. Individuals can purchase these clothes and rock them on the go.

Design and sewing of bridal wear is one great aspect of fashion and design. Bridal brands such as Baturia Fashion are budding brands making waves in the fashion industry.

A person interested in making money from fashion and design can choose an arm of the fashion industry and base his or her brand on it. However, a brand can decide to be multifaceted and offer services in more than one fashion arm. This is to say, a fashion brand can produce both ready-to-wear and custom-made fashion pieces. The more services the fashion brand delivers, the more money the brand is set to make.

Anyone who desires to go into fashion design to make money and become rich in Nigeria has to be creative, well skilled in the act of design (tailoring), color combination, fabric sourcing, branding, and business management. It takes more than knowing how to sew to make money in fashion design. You have to be creative with styles and designs. Also, be updated with fashion trends and design. Be customer-friendly so your customers will keep patronizing and referring others to patronize you.

A lot of fashion designers who just own a shop and have not branded their business make good money from this skill. Many own houses and choice properties. Those who have branded this skill and offer broad services are super-rich. Putting their fashion design skills to work made them rich. You too can become rich if you learn, master, and put fashion design skills to good work.

Selling fabric and other tailoring materials along with sewing will generate an increase in income.

See the top ten fashion designers in Nigeria here

(9) Cosmetology

High paying skills in Nigeria - cosmetology
Image by Daria Shevtsova from Pexels

Cosmetology is a broad profession and line of skill that is currently gaining huge prominence in Nigeria. According to Wikipedia, cosmetology is simply the study and application of beauty treatment. This skill has various branches of specialty which include hairstyling, skincare, and cosmetics.  Manicures/pedicures, non-permanent hair removal such as waxing sugaring, and permanent hair removal processes such as electrology and intense pulsed light are not left out.

Some branches of cosmetology such as hair styling and manicure & pedicure have been widely practiced in Nigeria for years. But in recent times, there has been a paradigm shift in the practice of hairstyling which we normally call hairdressing. Meanwhile, the status quo which involves washing, braiding, rolling, and perming your hair has experienced a change into wig making, hair importation, braided wigs, etc.

These current hairstyling practices which is mostly a replication of the western method of hairstyling are very lucrative. Also, it’s making many Nigerians rich. Similarly, the skincare branch of cosmetology is currently experiencing wide fame in Nigeria.

A lot of people have and are horning cosmological skills in skincare production. The focus is on organic skincare. On the other hand, this skill is earning them a lot of good money. Why? Because the demand for organic skincare is on the rise in Nigeria.

If you learn and master any branch of cosmetology which is one of the high-paying skills that will make you rich in Nigeria you will be your boss in no time.

This cosmetology skills will pay you well in Nigeria

  • Organic Skin and hair care production skills
  • Wig making and hair importation skill
  • Pedicure and manicure skills
  • Skin tanning and waxing

Furthermore, the skin tanning branch of cosmetology is a lucrative skill that requires good expertise. Aromatherapy and full-body exfoliation fall in this category. A lot of cosmetologists (mostly female ) who acquire this skill are basking in wealth due to its profiting nature.

However, you can own a spa and make additional profits. A well-equipped spa with good instruments will give you an edge.

8. Makeup Artistry

10 high paying skills that will make you rich in Nigeria - Makeup Artistry
Makeup by D’artist by Dodos

The art of makeup has since grown into a profiting industry In Nigeria. As the modern-day Nigerian woman keeps evolving and embracing beauty in diverse forms, so is makeup artistry needed. Makeup is an art that women and sometimes men can’t do without in their everyday life and business.

Both genders across the globe apply to makeup. They apply it to functions, work, and business. In Nigeria, the everyday woman seeks the expertise of a makeup artist to look good.

To clarify, they make up for events, parties. Also to special occasions which are very frequent as we are ceremonial people. Artists, musicians, and movie producers are constantly employing the services of makeup artists for profession all face beats.

This ever-increasing demand to look good and evolve in beauty is making makeup artistry extremely profiting. The pro of this skill is that it is not outrageously expensive to learn. There is an avenue for everyone to make money. However, there is a need to keep perfecting and upgrading your skills as new makeup trends are unraveled.

The money-making is in the expertise because no one wants a “wack” makeup done on them. Likewise, no one will recommend an unprofessional makeup up, artist. So get this skill and be good at it to be rich. Ensure you stay artsy as you gain mastery of this skill.

Makeup Niche That Will Earn You More Money

  • Bridal makeup jobs
  • Event makeup jobs
  • Model makeup jobs
  • Fashion(runway) makeup jobs
  • Commercial make up gigs (making up movie and music artists)

Makeup artists can sell products and offering consultation. Secondly, they can freelance for brands and events. Doing so increases their income with more wealth.

 7. Photography

10 high paying skills that will make you rich in Nigeria
Photo by Noblegrapix

Photography is one budding profession that has been making young Nigerians rich. The skill of photography is a crafty and artsy one yet easy to master. Anyone interested in getting rich by mastering this skill needs to pay attention to details and colors.

Having quality photography gadgets and creative ideas set the pace for high-earning photographers in Nigeria. Hence, you need to learn this skill from an expert.  Likewise be creative, hardworking, and ready to be rich.

It is worthy of note that photography has various niches. There are event photographers who cover events only. Commercial photography which involves taking photographs of commercial products etc is also a branch of photography.

Every photography niche is high-paying if you are professional at your job. One can multitask in photography by rendering services in more than one niche. Doing this improves your income value and helps you get rich easily.

Getting a studio is a step towards professionalism. A studio will enable you to make more money.

High paying branches of photography

  • Event photography
  • Commercial photography
  • Fashion photography
  • Product photography

6. Interior Decorations

High paying skills that will make you rich in Nigeria
Image from Hnk Interiors

It is no news that people spend huge money on decorating their houses in Nigeria. We are talking about money going into millions of Naira. The interior decorators who do this decoration make good money from this skill.

In a typical Nigerian way of speaking, I will say, “interior decorators they hammer”. This simply means interior decorators are making good money. You can get rich from this high-paying skill If you acquire the skill from a professional interior decorator.

Acquiring this skill won’t bring all the money your way unless you show prowess. Creating designs and decors that steal people’s breath away is also a must. You can learn and perfect this skill from an experienced interior decorator. They always charge an average fee worth the knowledge.

More so, having a professional certification in the field will give you an edge. One good thing about interior decor is that your work speaks for you. When you decorate events and homes to make a difference the jobs will keep rolling in. Likewise, your account will keep growing big into millions of Naira, and boom! You are rich.

Most importantly, selling decor items in Nigeria can earn you so much money.  So I will advise a tone interested in this skill to diversify and also sell decors. You don’t have to rush it, firstly learn and expand your business scope afterward.

Interior design & Decoration gigs that will make you rich

  • Event decor and design for weddings, proposals, businesses, firms, burials etc
  • Home designs and decors


5. Blogging & Content Creation

Blogging as a high paying skill in Nigeria

You know bloggers (some not all) in Nigeria are rich right? If you don’t know please be aware that blogging can make you rich in Nigeria and anywhere. How? By creating content for blogs, owning a blog, and growing it. Blogging is simply the act of creating word, video of both contents on weblog and video blogs respectively.

While both weblogging (popularly known as blogging) and video blogging (known as YouTube blogging) are very profiting, it is the expertise that brings the money. To make money from blogging one has to know how to write quality content. Carrying out SEO, Staying consistent in blogging, and trusting the process isn’t left out.

Most importantly, video and weblogging are not getting rich quick schemes. Consistency in creating quality content in a niche you are good and knowledgeable about will bring In the money.

Also, Blogging Is one of the high-paying skills that will make you rich in Nigeria.  If you can create good blog content you can get a full-time job as a content creator. You will manage blogs for businesses, brands, and companies. Brands such as Konga have blogs and they pay people with blogging and content creation skills to run the blog.

Making money from blogging and content creation is one way you can be rich. Similarly, you can create a brand and make good money in Nigeria by blogging. The skill is an easy one to learn with the right online resources from google. Experienced content creators also offer affordable courses and coaching services that equip individuals for blogging and content creation. Opting in for one of these courses and blog coaching with online resources will get you ready. Prepared for money-making in the blogosphere.

The likes of Maraji, Taaooma, Broda shaggi etc are content creators. They are harnessing the power of the Internet and using content creation skills to make money in Nigeria.

Blogging Niches That Will Make You Rich

  • Lifestyle blogging
  • Fashion blogging
  • Beauty blogging
  • Travel blogging
  • Multi niche blogging etc.

Video content creation niches that will make you rich In Nigeria

  • Comedy video content creation
  • Beauty content creation
  • Fashion content creation
  • Lifestyle content creation

4. Video Editing

Video Editing will make you rich in Nigeria

In recent times video editing has become a very lucrative skill in Nigeria. As businesses and brands are engaging more via social media, so is demand for professional video editors on the high. With a well-groomed video editing skill, you can earn very well and become rich in Nigeria.

Video editing skills can be honed with good resources available online. Mastery of this skill is achievable via coaching from a video editor that knows his onion. Practice and dedication will make a video editor become a professional in no time. Once an editor can create a good professional video, high-paying gigs and even full-time employment becomes the order of the day for him or her.

Companies now employ full-time video editors and they are paid well. You can master this skill and get a high-paying role too.

3. Data Base Management

Database management - Rosbena.com

Although database management can be studied as a professional course in school it is also a skill that can be mastered. As the world keeps going digital the need to save files and company resources in a database is a necessity. Database management involves storing, accessing, and implementing files in and from the database.

If you intend to perfect this high-paying skill that can make you rich in Nigeria, getting a certification in database management is a must. Also, you can intern as a database administrator to get the experience that you can leverage to seek future employment.

Some organizations offer practical database management training. You can enroll for such training to perfect database management skills. Companies pay database administrators and managers millions of Naira per annum. It is a very high-paying skill that can make you rich.

2. Web Design & Development

Web design image - Rosbena.com
Image source Pexels

Website creation is a new business strategy for business growth and online presence. Almost every company in Nigeria owns a website. As the need for websites is on the increase, so is the value for web design. This value rubs off on the web designer and its skill thus making it one of the high-paying skills that will make you rich in Nigeria.

Web design is not a very tasking skill to learn. With focus and a good understanding of the programming language(s) needed, one is good to go. However, there is the front-end and back-end web development. Both areas of web design and development are lucrative and can be learned simultaneously.

While some people focus on just front-end web design others master the back-end design which is more difficult hence making it higher paying. One can focus on learning the front end and later master back end development.

Having both basic and advance front-end and back-end web development will pay an individual higher in income.

High paying web development skills in Nigeria

  • Front end web development
  • Back end when development
  • Advance front end web design & development
  • Advance front & back end web development

1. Programming

Programming image - Rosbena.com

Firstly, “Technology runs the world now” so they say and it is true. The technology world has been making a lot of people billionaires and Nigerians are not left out. One can become rich by horning a tech skill. However, not every techy skill is high-paying in Nigeria.

While some tech skills can be easy to learn others are tasking and very profiting. Programming is one of the taskings yet high-paying skills that will make you rich in Nigeria.

Albeit there is a different kind of programming depending on the functionality of the programs created. UI and Ux designs are forms of programming likewise mobile development.

Programming simply involves writing codes that implement a system. A lot of systems inclusive of educational ones are programmed. A programmer is a person who can write codes to create functional systems.

In other words, programming can be perfected in no time with devotion and practice. Good tech firms that teach programming exist in Nigeria. Such firms can help one perfect programming skills. As the skill is perfected good employment and high income is certain.

Programming is one of the few skills in the world that allows you to dictate your pay. Nevertheless, there are broke people with this skill. Why are they broke? Poor mastery of programming.

Only a well-rounded programmer will earn greatly with the skill. Therefore, having a good mastery of this skill will engender wealth. In as much, as programming is high paying, be aware that you need to upgrade your skillset periodically.

High paying programming skills

  • Mobile programming
  • UI Design
  • UX Design etc
  • AI / Machine learning


In conclusion, these high-paying skills that will make you rich in Nigeria are topnotch. Above all, If you master any of these skills getting rich will be an easy fit. It is important to nurture one of these skills even as a professional in academics.

Why? Because a skill will always come in handy. Being a professional in any area of life alone won’t make one as rich as desired. Subsequently, it is important to know that it is the professional mastery of either of these skills that will sustain high pay for an individual.

During the learning process be attentive and passionate about your craft. After that, practice and not be quick to make huge money.

Crave for perfection in the skill you have learned and be quick to upgrade your skillset. Consistently working, learning, and upgrading the skill will pave a way for high pay.

Certainly, you will be delighted in gaining mastery of any of these 10 high-paying skills that will make you rich in Nigeria.

Which of these skills do you have currently?.

Are you putting them to use? Which would you love to learn?

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