7 Romantic Things To Do On Valentines Day With Your Partner

These 7 romantic things to do on Valentine’s day with your partner will make the day memorable for you. It’s the season of love yet again and it’s raining smiley heart everywhere. Love Is a beautiful thing and Valentine’s day lets us express it romantically with our significant others – especially ladies who are not one of the  6 types of girls that you should avoid.

The year 2020 and 2021 has been tough due to the pandemic. A lot of people across the globe lost loved ones, jobs etc. Celebrating love on this special “Loveday” gives hope and brings some good to the heart and soul.

So as the yearly Valentine’s day celebration draws close the search for what to do on Valentine’s day increases. There is a need to make each valentines day special and memorable especially for dating and married partners.

It is true that spicing things up romantically makes the heart steadfast and not weary in love. However, it can be a bit difficult to come up with romantic ideas, especially during valentine. Well, worry no more because we got you with these 7 romantic things to do on Valentine’s day with your partner.

These romantic things will make you fall deeper in love with yourselves. It will also help in keeping the magic of love alive in your relationship. Let’s go on and make this valentines day magical😊❤

7 Romantic Things To Do On Valentine’s Day With Your Partner


1. Fix A Romantic Home Movie Date Night

Romantic things to do on Valentines day - Fix a romantic home movie date
Photo by Edward Eyers from Pexels

What is love without romance?  Romance is the ever-worthy spice every lover craves for and romantic movies bring that spice to life. So fix a romantic movie date at home with your partner in the spirit of love and valentine. Make a playlist of romantic love movies that you both will like to watch.

Your movie list should comprise of the following

  • Your favorite love movies.
  • Individual romantic movies you have seen before that you love.
  • Romantic movies you have been anticipating to watch
  • Any love-themed movies you both enjoy watching and desire to see.
  • You can even include any of these lovely 20 Valentine’s Day Movies to Watch Alone Or With Someone, You Love to your movie date list.

You should download these movies before the D-day – Valentine’s day. Ensure you and your partner’s selected movies of choice are the only movies saved on your movie viewing device of choice be it a laptop or tv.

Agree on a time to begin your movie date. Create a date night menu that should include the snacks to serve for the movie date, when to start snacking, how many movies to see and in what sequence, when to begin seeing the first movie, and when to draw the movie curtains for the day.

Get your favorite snacks, wines, and candies ready for the night, and don’t forget to agree on a fashion theme to spice things up. You can choose to wear a matching pair of night wears or clothing gifts bought for yourselves and exchanged beforehand for the movie date. Go ahead and set an atmosphere of love with the lights out just like in the movie halls and light some red scented candles. You can hang a handful of red regular or love-shaped balloons on the scene for a more romantic mood.

Begin your movie date night in the most lovely sitting position of choice to you and your partner and let love melt your hearts away and reignite the love you have always had.  Don’t end the movie date without discussing the scenes and happenings in the movies. A good love movie should always end with a kiss so kiss away lover 😍.

2.  Visit Your favourite restaurants together

Food is a language of love as much as romance is. Visiting your favorite restaurants together on Valentine’s day will not only let you enjoy your favorite meals in your favorite places but it will let you bound while enjoying the scenery of the restaurants. How do you make visiting your favorite restaurants on Valentine’s day a romantic gesture?

It’s very easy to do if you take the following tips to heart.

  • Visit at a time when the restaurant will be less crowdy and rowdy on a day as valentines day
  • Dress comfortably yet stylish because it’s a semi-date. Oh yes, it is!
  • Try out a dish you both have never tried before.
  • Eat your favorite meals and snacks
  • Talk about your journey so far as a couple – dating or married
  • Reminisce on all the good times and exchange words of affirmations
  • Take as many good photos as you both desire
  • Do something remarkable that you have both never done for yourselves before. It can be kissing in public 😋 or anything else.
  • Order a take-home and retire to seeing a movie or listening and dancing to cool songs you both love before you call it a day.

Doing all of the above will make your visit to your favorite restaurant(s) on Val’s day a true love affair.

3. Make It A Game Night

Lovers playing board games
Photo by Cottonbro from Pexels


A game night can be all the spice you need to make these Valentine’s day special. Do I mean you should go and see a game together? No no! I am saying you should play a couples game that will make the day both fun and romantic for you and your partner. You can do this in the following ways

  • Purchase a couples game that will unravel a lot of intimate and romantic things about you and your partner.
  • Get your favorite board games
  • Get an arcade game that you are both good at playing and set a price for the winner
  • Make a game night menu scheduling which game to begin with and which to play last
  • Ready some snacks and your favorite drinks to spice things up
  • Make the setting love infused with some sultry love songs, your favorite love playlists, and sprinkles of petals around the scene.
  • Start gaming and bask in the euphoria of love.

4. Prepare A Meal Together

Partners cooking dinner together at home
Photo by Cottonbro from Pixels

Can there be a romantic Valentine’s day without good food? I doubt there ever would be. Cooking that sultry meal with your partner on Valentine’s day would be nothing other than romantic. You can both decide to prepare your easiest favorite meals or a new recipe, you both love. You can even try out any of these sumptuous Romantic valentine’s day dinner recipes. The love in this process is to do it romantically and together. Write down the recipes together, go grocery shopping for the meal ingredients together and start cooking together.

If you and your partner decide to prepare a meal together as one of the things to do on valentines day, I will suggest you implement the following tips

  • Start the cooking process by dressing in the mood of love and romance. Do away with the pj’s and wear something enticing and comfortable that screams romantic.
  • Have your favorite drinks, smoothies, wines, and snacks by the side to munch on as you both get to work cooking.
  • Do it all together! Cut the veggies together, wash the meats together. Take turns in steering the rice and adding the seasonings. Just do it together. It
  • Have some good songs playing in the background and dance to the beats when the songs motivate you both too.
  • Take a romantic shower together (only if married 😋) and set the table like it’s a dinner date before you start eating and chatting.
  • Take a stroll after eating the meal and have your hands wrapped in each other as you gist while walking away from the troubles of the world.

5. Go On A Val-cation

Romantic things to do on valentines day with your partner - Lovers on a vacation
Photo by Maria Orlova from Pexels

Bae-cations never go wrong and a Valcation (Valentine’s day vacation) to your favorite place or must-visit hotel can not be a fail. So book a room in a beach lounge or poolside hotel and have an amazing time with your partner. Don’t just stay indoors when at the hotel. Go site seeing around the lounge. Visit the nearby restaurant, Museum, karaoke center, arcade, etc. Have fun eating communicating and loving up.

6. Love Up To Music And DANCE!

Partners having a romantic dance
Photo by Thirdman from Pexels

It is said that music is the food of the soul and it feeds love too you know? So get on your dancing shoes with your partner this Val and listen while twisting and dancing to good music that speaks to your soul and nourishes your love.  You can start by doing a Karaoke competition with your partner at home or in a bar. After that, you can both sing and dance to your favorite love songs, playlists, and love mixtapes like best of Jonny Drille Mix because it’s valentine, and love is a beautiful thing.

Don’t forget to have some pastries and snacks by the side for late hour nibbling after you have had so much fun doing this romantic thing on Valentine’s day.

7. Have A Romantic Treat

Things to do on valentines day - partners having a romantic treat
Photo by Jonathan Borba from Pexels

There are lots of romantic ways to treat you and your partner on Valentine’s day. Exchanging gifts and going on dates on this love-centric day is one of the most explored routines. However, the romantic treat routine on these 7 romantic things you can do with your partner on Valentine’s day is not something regularly done. It’s a valentines day romantic routine to spark things up for you and your partner.

All you have to do to achieve this Romantic gesture is to communicate with your partner and agree to carry out some romantic routines on Val’s day. You can start the day with breakfast in bed, followed by a romantic massage from you to your partner and vice versa. It doesn’t end here as you both can go ahead and write each other a love letter. Put pen to paper affirming and professing all the love you feel for yourselves.

Thereafter, engage in writing five or more love notes and place them in strategic places for your partner to hunt for, find unintentionally,  read and feel loved.  While you do all these during the early hours of the day, you can order your favorite snacks and foods and create an indoor picnic to crown the day as you have fun discussing romantic things.

This romantic routine can end with a romantic dance and movie night that makes Valentine’s memorable for you and your partner. You can both have a romantic routine treat this Val and add some more flavor to the day by including many more things you both love doing to the routine of the day.


Valentine Is all about love and we want you to experience and enjoy love so magical at its peak with either of these 7 things you can do on Valentine’s day with your partner.

Which of these things will you do with your partner on Valentine’s day? Which do you think is more romantic to try?

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