13 Traits/Character That Every Lagosian Has

It is true that your environment rubs off on you and when you live in a place like Lagos, you unconsciously pick up some characters that weren’t initially in you.

Want to know a person who grew up or has lived in Lagos for a very long time? Then watch out for these traits/characteristics listed below.

(1) Street Smart

Like Kizz Daniel said in his song ‘Eko‘, ‘if you no fit wise for Lagos, you no fit wise for anywhere’. Lagos is a very busy city, filled with people who have left their states of origin and even other countries to search for a better life. On a daily basis, everyone is trying to get ahead by any means whatsoever, the conductor is trying to outsmart you, the hot & admirable opposite sex is trying to rip you off your hard-earned money, your neighbor is trying to outsmart you and the list goes on.

You get to learn to be street smart by painful past experiences daily in Lagos.

(2) Hustlers/Go-Getters

Living in Lagos kills off any atom of dependency in you as you will realize very quickly that even tho you have a lot of friends, only you got yourself and if you don’t work really hard, suffering & hunger will be your default condition.

If you grew up in Lagos, you would be introduced to the hustling life from as early as secondary school days as students are already trying to make their own money by working after school, trying to make money off their classmates and so one.

A lot of people working normal 9-5 jobs in Lagos also have a side hustle. So after Igbo people, I think Lagosians love money the most. Don’t joke with money or money-making opportunity around an Igbo man who has lived in Lagos.

(3) Great Social Life

Lagosians are outgoing and adventurous people and as Naira Marley said in the song ‘Mafo‘ ‘Eko Dun Ma Wole’ which means ‘Lagos Is Sweet, come Home’ and of a truth, even tho Lagos is stressful, it is sweet and Naira Marley kept on emphasizing on how sweet Lagos is on that song. The social life in Lagos is amazing and that is why 99 percent of Nigerian celebrities live in Lagos and it will shock you that even house of rep members of other states even live in Lagos.

The party life, nightlife, and everything in Lagos is just sweet and it will definitely rub off on you if you grew up or have lived in Lagos. In Lagos, you will discover more new songs in parties and functions than on the internet, TV, and radio.

(4) Always In A Hurry

The fast life of Lagos will be installed/transferred to you if you stay in Lagos for a long time. Lagosians aren’t the slow type.

(5) Rise Early/Sleep Late

If you are the ‘Early To Bed Early To Rise’ type of person, living in Lagos will definitely change you. The city is already busy as early as even 6 am in the morning, sometimes even by 5 am people are already on their way to work.

So in order to be on time at the workplace or school or wherever, you need to be up early so you won’t get caught up in traffic, and at the end of the day, you still won’t return home early cause the traffic is at its peak during the end of work. This becomes the norm of Lagosians as they get up very early and tend to sleep quite late.

So many kids in Lagos don’t have a good personal relationship with their parents because their parents return home when they are already sleeping and leave for work in the morning before they wake.

(6) Fashionista

Lagosians love to draw the attention of everyone in the room via their dressing and they never want to be caught “Unfresh”. They are always up to date with the latest fashion trend.

(7) Good Vibes But Get Pissed Off Real Quick

When a Lagosian step into the room they bring good vibes and light up the room with good energy but hey be careful cause they can go from 0 to 100 real quick and get really upset and ‘change am for you’ for the slightest provocation.

(8) Possess General Knowledge

Lagosians always have a thing or two to say on everything topic, tho they may not be right all the time, but a lot of Lagosians have a little or more Knowledge on various topics in different niche.

(9) Late Comers

Only the very few disciplined Lagosians that aren’t perpetual latecomers. It’s almost like it’s something they enjoy doing.

(10) Good at insults/trolling

If you go out in Lagos and don’t get insulted or witness someone being insulted, just know that you are not in Lagos or else you are living in Lagos Island but if you reside, work, or constantly visit the mainland, you must witness insults daily.

So Lagosians know how to troll in order to defend themselves when they come in contact with other trolls.

(11) Street Slangs

Before street slangs gets popular via songs, movies, and the internet, Lagosians already know the slangs and have probably been using it for quite a while before people from other states start to know about it.

(12) Good Packaging

A lot of Lagosians do not look like what they have been through or what they are going through. Whether the going is good or bad, a Lagosian will show up and show out. They may not have enough money in the bank but will definitely try to appear rich, flex, each good food when they can. Bank account might be red but a Lagosian must still live their best life.

(13) Aren’t Shy To Talk To The Opposite Sex

You will hardly find a Lagosian who is shy or afraid to walk up to the opposite sex and talk to them if they like the person.

(14) Love Attending Weddings

Oh! Lagosians really love to attend weddings and the good thing is that there is always a wedding party every Saturday in Lagos. Even during the COVID-19 pandemic, people still conducted wedding ceremonies in Lagos. A Lagosian can attend a wedding that they don’t know who the bride or groom is, you can attend a wedding without knowing anyone and you might eventually see someone you know when you get into the party.


Do you relate to any of the points above or know more traits/characteristics that Lagosians generally possess? Then let me know in the comment section below.

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