16 Things You Didn’t Know About Linda Ikeji

These are 16 Things You Didn’t Know About Nigeria Most Influential blogger Linda Ikeji. The Media Mogul and lead blogger among the Top 10 Influential Nigerian Female Bloggers, Linda Ikeji of  Linda Ikeji’s blog who is one of the most searched Nigerian celebrities on Google is a  celebrity with a huge private life.

There are certain personal details that are not known about the blogger and Rosbena brings you a list of some amazing things you didn’t know about the influential blogger to keep you enlightened about the Nigerian queen of blogging.

Get in here fans of the blogger and get your glasses juiced!

16 Things You Didn’t Know About Nigeria Most Influential Blogger – Linda Ikeji

1. She is Dr. Linda Ikeji:

You definitely didn’t know this right? Well, the Influential blogger got an honorary doctorate degree for her enviable and pace-setting work in the blogosphere. She received an Honorary Doctorate degree from Trinity International University in 2018 and is also to be decorated with yet another doctorate in March 2019 for revolutionizing blogging in Africa. So she will soon be barging a double Dr. title if that is an approved term.

2. She Is An In-law To Footballer Kanu Nwankwo:

Linda is an in-law to football legend Kanu Nwankwo because her celebrity sister, Laura Ikeji married his (Kanu Nwankwo’s) brother, retired football player Christopher Ogbonna Kanu.

 3. She Was Once A Contestant For Miss Nigeria:

Linda Ikeji once contested for Miss Nigeria but the then model didn’t make it to the top 30 finalists an occurrence which she said broke her heart back then considering she was a fast-rising model.

4. She Has A Failed Social Network: The blogger started a social community similar to Facebook named Linda Ikeji’s social in 2016 but it failed.

5. She Is An Alumnus Of the University Of Lagos:

The blogger is a graduate of the English language from the University Of Lagos where her sister Laura Ikeji is also an alumnus.

6. She Has A Female Empowerment Programme:

Linda is a philanthropist with an empowerment program titled “I’d rather be self-made, No thanks!” where she empowers female Nigerian youths with start-up funds and entrepreneurial mentorship for their business yearly.

7. She Is A Former Model And Magazine Editor:

Ace blogger of LIB was a model in her early days. She is a magazine owner and editor, a venture which she went into to make ends meet but didn’t turn out lucrative.

8. She Is A Mom And An Aunt; Almost every blog lover knows Linda Ikeji is single and has never been married. What you didn’t know is that the blogger is a new mom to her 1-year-old son Jeremi Jacey whom she bore with MR. Sholaye Jeremi the man she dated on and off for over 5years. Linda is also an aunt to her nephew Ryan the son of her sister Laura Ikeji and children of her elder sister who lives abroad.

9. She Hails From Imo State Nigeria; Most fans of the famous and influential blogger Linda Ikeji know she is an Igbo lady but certainly, do not know she hails from Nkwerre in Imo State Nigeria.

10. She Is A Princess:

The Arewa Youths bestowed Linda Ikeji with the title of Gimbiyan Matasan Arewa which is translated to mean Princess of Arewa youths for her youth empowerment endeavors. It is safe to say she is a Princess.

11. She Is A Tv Boss:

Linda Ikeji isn’t just a blogger but a media mogul with a terrestrial and soon to be cable tv named LITV (Linda Ikeji’s TV). Her TV can be accessed online with as low as #1000 subscription fee to view her intriguing content.

12. She Has Just One Brother:

Linda is from a family of seven (parents not inclusive), where she’s the second child with Five sisters and just a brother called Peks.

13. Her Blog Was Shut Down By Google In 2014:

The queen of blogging had a content copyright controversy that Google deemed to have been a breach and violation of its ethics resulting in the shut down of her blog which was hosted on the blogger platform for almost 72hours before it was reactivated.

14. She Is A Catholic:

Linda Ikeji was born into a Catholic family and have remained a member of the Catholic faith. She is known to be a religiously free individual with her practice of not paying tithes or attending church services frequently.

15. Her Blog Is Over A Decade:

Linda Ikeji’s blog isn’t one of the newbies Nigerian blogs. She started her blog in 2006 and it’s over a decade. She has given out cash to her blog visitors over the years to appreciate them for continuous followership and engagement on the blog.

16. She Has A Blogger And Celebrity Sister:

Entertainment blogger Linda Ikeji is not the only celebrity in her family. Her younger sister Laura Ikeji is also a celebrity and blogger at Hey! Laura  (a fashion blog which is no longer functioning) with a Bestselling book titled “How To Make Money On IG”, a fast-growing Youtube channel, Fashion shop, series of features on fashion magazines, etc. to her credit.

These are a few amazing things I bet you didn’t know about the blogger. Which did you previously know? Which was a shocker to you? I guess you still don’t know she built her parents a mega house in her hometown, do you?

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