6 type of Girls that you should avoid

(1) The “men are trash” girl

This is her favorite phrase. If she’s not in bed listening to Summer Walkers album, then she’s on Instagram reposting spiritual world quotes. She meets nice guys with good intentions, but she has taught herself to believe all men are trash which causes her to push men away. Her point of reference for men being trash is often other people’s experiences, love island, basketball wives and Love & Hip Hop.

(2) The Healer

She’s just come out of a long term relationship but believes she can enter something new straight away. Her friends have welcomed her back to the jungle and encourage her to go out, date and speak to guys. She isn’t over her previous relationship even though she claims she is. She still needs time to heal but doesn’t realize this, so instead, she lets guys make the play and then she lines them up for the rebound. She doesn’t like basketball by the way.

(3) The Hakassaner

She expects to be taken to the finest Michelin star restaurants because she knows her ‘worth’. She doesn’t attend these restaurants with her female friends but expects them when its date night. When the bill comes, she won’t offer to go halves, she won’t even reach for her purse, she may even suddenly need to go to the toilet.

The conversation at the table will be dead, but she will post her location on socials and even ask you to take a picture of her.
She saves guys number under the names of restaurants; ‘Nobu’, ‘Sexy Fish’, ‘The Shard’ and treats men as free food.
Her favorite text to send is ‘I’m hungry’.

(4) The Trophy

She’s a 9 maybe even a 10! She looks good in the passenger seat snapping the dashboard as you drive through the city.
She takes selfie videos, looking beautiful, staring at the camera not saying one word. Walking through westfields with her will have everyone staring, but she has no personality, no banter, no ambition. Her conversation is dry and she will have you doing up cameraman regularly.

(5) The “I’m bad with my phone” girl

Always on social media but never answers your calls. Responds late to your messages but keeps her read notifications on so you know she’s seen the message. She will tell you that you’re not trying to see her and you’re not serious. If you try to explain why, her response will be ‘but you know I’m bad with my phone’.

She’s all about the vibe and energy of being face to face with someone, but being so ‘bad’ with her phone you will never get to see her. She won’t blame herself and this is why she’s good friends with the ‘men are trash’ girls.

(6) Toxic-iesha

She loves to argue, she will size up to you and she might even swing. She’s beautiful but she’s crazy! She can’t control her temper, she doesn’t think before she speaks and if you try to leave her she will attempt to kill you. She will post you on socials and make your relationship seem perfect when in reality you hardly speak to her.

She has issues that she won’t admit. She wants real love but doesn’t know what real love is. If you stay with this one, your hairline will be non-existent like her respect for you.

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