Big Brother Naija Housemates That Went To The Show To Chase Clout


Big Brother Naija is the biggest Nigerian TV show, a show that gives participants a formidable fan base that sticks around and supports them for years even after their year of participation in the program.

Different people come into the Big Brother house with different agendas, some come just to win the grand prize, some others participate in other to promote their main career, like the winner of the lockdown edition Laycon who enrolled for the program just to promote his music career while some others participate just for clout/fame.

Here are some Big Brother Naija Housemates who went to the house for clout.

(1) Tacha


Before she got qualified for Big Brother Naija, Tacha was already on Instagram chasing clout like her life depends on it. She seized the Big Brother opportunity to gain more clout and exited the show controversially.

(2) Kidd Waya

Kidd Waya
Kidd Waya

Already born into wealth and used to luxury, the grand prize of the Big Brother was definitely not his motivation for enrolling into the show.

He later revealed that he just wanted to try new things, connect with people, and network. Acquiring a fanbase and fame was definitely one of the reasons he participated in the show.

(3) Tuoyo Ideh

Tuoyo Ideh
Tuoyo Ideh

Fitness enthusiast, Tuoyo Ideh who was a housemate in the 2019 Big Brother Naija, during the show said he was a stripper.

After the show, guilt drove him to admit the truth and he said he did it for clout as the Big Brother Naija was his only shot at fame and he had to make the most use of the platform.

(4) Gifty

The constant lies and fake life in the house points to the fact that she wanted fame so badly.

Even after the show had ended she was still chasing clout on IG, sharing nude photos to gain attention.

(5) Bisola


Speaking of talent, Bisola is definitely one of the most talented and multi-talented housemates in the history of Big Brother Naija and she needed the platform/attention to showcase her numerous talents.

Before she getting into the Big Brother House, she participated in the 2008 edition of the MTN Project a West Africa music, and was the third runner-up. She also auditioned for the Big Brother show 8 times (Big Brother Africa and Big Brother Naija) before she finally got accepted.

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