11 Hilarious Ways Nigerian Girls Try To Get Their Crush’s Attention

Nigerian girls are quite known for not letting their feelings show or known when they have a crush on someone. Even tho some of them want to let their feeling known to the other party, the fear of being categorized or named as ‘cheap’, discourages them.

There are different ways Nigerian girls try to let their crush know that they are interested in them and here are some very popular ways they try to express their feelings.

(1) The ones that will start Insulting you

For these ones, their love language is insult. They will start calling you names like ‘Big Head’, ‘Idiot’, ‘Ode’. Yoruba girls are well known for these tactics. If you don’t understand Nigerian girls very well, you might even think that they hate you when they start using these tactics but they don’t.

(2) The Ones That Will Start Asking For Your Girlfriend.

Whenever they get to converse with their crush, they stylishly want to know if their crush is in a relationship. You will start hearing things like ‘I hope your girlfriend won’t come now and break my head’, ‘I want to come and visit you, but I don’t want your girlfriend’s wahala o cause I don’t have strength to fight’.

When a Nigerian girl starts saying stuff like this, then for sure, she is interested in you.

(3) The Bold Ones

These ones gat no time no waste. If they have a crush on you, they will surely let you know and will gradually start forcing themselves on you and before you know it, you are in a relationship that you don’t even know when or how it started.

(4) The Reverse Emotion Ones

These ones love you very much but their attitude will show the exact opposite. When you pass, they don’t care to greet or look at you or may even put up an attitude when you talk to them.

They pretend that they don’t like their crush and even tell their friends and themselves that they don’t like their crush but deep down, they are drooling in love.

(5) The Confused Ones

For these ones, it is as if their brain shuts down anytime they see their crush. They become disoriented and start doing really dumb stuff like talking to themselves on the phone, looking/admiring without control, some even miss their step and fall.

(6) ‘Forming Geng’

These sets of girls will switch up as soon as they see their crush. They suddenly develop an accent and will position themselves so that their curves and endowments are well visible.

If they get to know that their crush will be going through a route or attending a party, they will ensure to be there and be on their best behavior and dress in order to impress their crush.

(7) Like Few of Your Pictures on IG

You may not believe this but for some Nigerian girls ‘shooting your shot’ means liking some pictures of their crush on Instagram. They will just like a few of your pictures on Instagram and then wait for you in their DM.

(8) The ones that will tell you in their mind

These Ones will tell you that they love you in their mind, if you like, hear, if you like, don’t hear, but they will never tell you to your face. If you don’t approach them, they will move on until they finally see someone who is bold enough to confront them.

(9) Mixed Signals

In order to avoid taking an L, they will send you mixed signals so that in case you don’t like them, they won’t appear as losers or desperate, or in case you eventually like them, it won’t be that they made the first move.

(10) The Stalkers

This set of girls will follow you like the disciples followed christ but the only difference will be that you will never see them or notice them stalking you. They will get to know about all your ex, the location where you took your last IG photo, your habits, your likes & dislikes.

Some will even go to the extent of opening a fake social media account just to stalk their crush and they might even involve their friends in stalking you.

(11) The Spiritual Ones

Better pray that this category of girls don’t pick interest in you o. Once they are interested in you and have tried all possible means to get you to love them back and they don’t get the desired result, they resort to diabolic means.

They can take your picture or name to spiritual houses or native doctors to force you to fall in love with them.


Which category do you fall into? Let us know in the comment section below.

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