How to become a successful Nigerian Instagram comedian

Instagram comedy is a rewarding job in Nigeria as many now live a luxurious life off of just Instagram comedy but with the mouth-watering benefits of the job also comes stiff competition. There are so many Instagram comedians in Nigeria, both talented and untalented ones hence making it very difficult for the new good ones to stand out and get the attention they deserve.

Do you want to be a successful Instagram comedian? I have some tips for you in order to stand out and get noticed on Instagram.

How Nigerian Instagram Comedians can grow their followers on Instagram

(1) Work with Other Instagram Comedians

Constantly Working with other Instagram comedians makes your success story faster as you will see growth in your followers immediately.

Tho getting other Instagram comedians to work with you is quite a difficult task sometimes as some won’t reply to you or wish to work with you but you have to keep trying until any of the popular comedians agree even if you have to pay for it and trust it is worth the wait and effort as these Instagram comedians already have the audience that you wish to have and big blogs like Tunde Ednut, Kraks TV, Ubi Franklin, and others will easily get to notice you and share your content when you work with these guys.

There are so many popular comedians that we know today who became popular only after working with other big Instagram comedians. Father DMW and Officer Woos became popular after working with Broda Shaggi, OkikiDFT & Pankeeroy also became popular after working with Sydney Talker severally.

(2) Make Skits that relate to current trending songs

One way to easily trend is to make comedy skits that relate to the lyrics of a current trending song, this is one hack that can grow your fanbase faster than you ever imagined.

People will easily share your comedy video on their story/status and if you are lucky, the artist might see your video and share and that single act will see your followers shoot up instantaneously.

(3) Make High-Quality Videos

One big turn off for me is comedy skits with poor video quality. I almost immediately assume that the joke won’t be funny even without watching it and trust me many people feel this way.

If Instagram comedy is what you want to do, you should also invest in the craft and get yourself a good camera or even a phone with a nice camera will do the job for you.

(4) Don’t put all your eggs in one basket

Don’t focus only on Instagram. Share your videos on all the social media platforms. Share it on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Whatsapp & Whatsapp TV’s, Telegram Channels and you can never know which platform your content will go viral on as these platforms have different algorithms and audiences.

You might end up building a huge fanbase only on Instagram and later your account might be disabled or hacked and you will lose all, so it is advisable that you share your stuff on all platforms.

(5) Watermark Your Videos

This is one mistake that you really need to avoid. Always put your social media username or stage name in your videos. Why this is important is that you don’t know where your video might get to or who might share it without tagging you. If your videos are watermarked it will be easier for people who have come across your video to get to your profile easily and connect with you.

(6) Avoid Cliche Jokes

Even well-known comedians don’t get away with it when they share stale or old jokes as they are trolled by their fans. So you as an upcoming comedian making stale jokes will discourage people from being interested in you or watching your skits in the future.

(7) Sponsor/Advertise your posts

If you have the money, sponsoring your videos is highly encouraged as you will see results if you put your money in the right place. I will advise that you do direct Instagram ads instead of paying some very big blogs as on Instagram ads you will only pay for what you get i.e the number of people your content reached, unlike the big blogs where the price is fixed.

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