How To Get Church Babes

Want to get them cute Nigerian church girls attracted to you and don’t know how to get them? we’ve got you covered. The things that matter/attract church girls are quite different from what attracts the other chicks like the hot girl in your street or in the club.

In this post, we listed some key ways to get them. Read on!

Ways to Get Nigerian Church Girls

(1) Play Instruments

This one is the oldest trick in the book when it comes to attracting church girls. I’ve never seen any church guy who plays instruments in church and never had the ladies drooling over him, even the ones that aren’t handsome or financially stable aren’t an exception.

So if you really want them church girls so badly, learning a new instrument that you can play in the church is likely your best bet in securing them.

(2) Join The Church Workforce, Choir preferably

This one is a tested and trusted strategy for becoming the envy of them church girls. Some of my friends tried this back in the days and it sure worked. The choir is the surest of them all, so if can sing or co-ordinate a choir, or play an instrument and you want them church girls so bad, then join the choir, do your thing in the choir, and watch the girls come around.

(3) Have A Life Aside The Church

Don’t be that guy who is only about church business and doesn’t have a life for himself outside the church. Church girls get attracted when they discover that you have something great going on for yourself outside the church and your life doesn’t revolve only around the church.

(4) Don’t Use Bible To Toast Them

This is an outdated and annoying way to wooing church girls. For quite a lot of girls these days, it is a total turn off as it shows you aren’t sweet mouthed or have words apart from the ones you know from the bible. So trash that idea of using bible verses to woo a girl and talk to her without necessarily involving the scriptures.

(5) Dress Well

This one doesn’t just apply to church girls alone. Every girl wants their guy to be the guy who knows how to step out elegantly and gets the attention of everyone in the room.

You might now necessarily dress/appear expensive all the time but as Skiibii said ‘You should never be caught unfresh’.

(6) Smell Nice

Be that guy in the church whose fragrance introduces him before the congregation sets their eyes on him.

(7) Be A Church Boy With An Edge

Church girls do love them street-wise men. It’s not enough to have the holy ghost. Add swag and a bit of wobe.

(8) Have Money

This one is a universal rule to securing the attention of not just church girls alone but almost every type of girl in the world. So my brother hustle o!


One last one I’ll like to add is being a Pastor’s child but this isn’t an option that you can choose as you have to be born into it because, for some reason, church girls tend to like and be attracted to pastor’s children of the opposite gender.

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