9 Popular Nollywood stereotypes

These are some of the notorious Nollywood stereotypes and even tho some of these things are true and also happens in real life, it is not at the rate at which Nigerian movies portray them.

(1) Relocating to Lagos Guarantees success

Even tho relocating to Lagos can bring you closer to success in real life, as we’ve seen some celebrities & businessmen/women move into Lagos with almost nothing and became really successful later on, it is not at the rate at which Nigerian movies portray it.

In a typical Nigerian movie, once you finally get the chance to relocate to Lagos, you are definitely coming back to the village in Christmas time to paint the town red with all the riches you’ve acquired in Lagos.

(2) Feeding Your Partner Is A Proof Of True Love

Nollywood spoon-feeding

For Nollywood movie producers, if you haven’t fed your partner or get spoon-fed by your partner is that one even true love?

(3) It can never end well with the bad guys

Nollywood and even our religious institutions have led us to believe that it never ends well with the bad guys. In almost every Nollywood movie, the bad occult man must run mad at the end of the movie or that old and evil grandmother must die shamefully after confessing all her evil doings in front of the whole villagers.

(4) Doctors can detect any health issue with just a stethoscope

For whatsoever sickness or disease, ranging from Cancer to Aids to Malaria to Typhoid or what have you. In a typical Nigerian movie, all the doctor need to diagnose any of these sicknesses or terminal disease is just his stethoscope.

(5) Pastor will definitely come to your rescue in the end

As per Nigerian movies, you can go on and indulge in whatsoever occultic/spiritual activity and acquire wealth diabolically but when it is time for the consequence, you can be rest assured that the Pastor will come to your rescue and save you in the end.

This narrative is also very wrong because even tho we know people who had God’s intervention and didn’t face the consequence, we’ve also seen a whole lot of people who danced to the tune of the music and had their lives cut short in terrible manners as a punishment/price for their actions.

(6) You must return from abroad with an accent and a nasty attitude

Charles Okocha | Igwe Tupac

The likes of Igwe Tupac, Hanks Anuku and Jim Iyke definitely rings a bell. Any young and vibrant youth that returns from abroad in most Nollywood movies must come back with a fake accent and a proud & nasty attitude.

(7) Mother in-laws are evil

Every self-respecting mother-in-law must make her daughter-in-law miserable. It’s in Nollywood’s rule book.

You must complain about everything at every given opportunity. If the couple hasn’t had children, it is your duty to throw her out and bring your son a brand new wife from the village.

(8) Thieves Must Smoke ‘ciga’, drink Gulder and wear bandana

What type of thief/armed robber are you if you don’t smoke cigarettes, drink Gulder and wear bandana? Do you even take your profession seriously?

Those are your tools of trade and you must have them on you almost all the time in a typical Nigerian movie.

(9) Vomiting is the only way you and your mother will know you are pregnant

The only way mothers find out that their daughter is pregnant in Nigerian movies is if still vomits in their presence and even the girls too gets to find out by vomiting.

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