The kind of students Nigerian artists would be if the music Industry was a secondary school

If the Nigerian Music industry was a secondary school, here is the kind of student your fav will be 😂😂


The rich Ajebutter kid who knows how to make mouth very well knowing fully well that he’s got macho friends that got his back if worse comes to worst.

Almost everyone in the class owes him money but he doesn’t even bother to take back his money.


The kid from a poor family who somehow dresses very well all the time and dates his seniors. He owes a lot of people but still manages to flex right in front of them. He barely attends classes but comes out with flying colors at the end.


The tomboy in the class who can beat up a good number of guys in the class and you don’t dare break the heart of her friends or else you’ll see pepper. She is emotionally unavailable.


The funniest guy in the class whom the girls ‘like’ but gets friend-zoned by all. The girls only call him when they are bored and need some company but they forget about his existence when they need emotional and sexual attention.


The cute petite girl with good home training who friend zones all the good guys but only falls in love with bad guys, then gets her heartbroken, complains and cry to the good guys in her friend zone about her failed relationship but still falls in love with another bad guy.

Naira Marley

The quite but stubborn guy in the class who doesn’t even have a school bag or even books. He minds his business but when you cross his lane you go know. He is small in stature but isn’t afraid of the bullies in class or even the wicked teachers. The kind of student who peeps into the girl’s toilet. The bullies hate him at the beginning but slowly likes his personality at the end.


The student who studies very hard, brags about his intelligence, asks a lot of question in class, have all the textbooks even teaches his classmates but performs very poorly in examinations.

Banky W

He is the class prefect of his class from JSS 1 to SS 3. Parents and teachers advise their kids to be like him but they don’t know that he is worse than their kids.

Tiwa Savage

The baddest girl in the entire school. Even tho she comes to school empty-handed (After leaving all the money her parents gave her at home) she gets whatever she wants. She has the mumu button of many guys in the school and also makes the female teachers feel insecure.

Eedris Abdulkareem

The guy that has repeated class up to four times and owns the back seat. He blames his failure on teachers and isn’t ready to learn from any of the young classmates. He wants his own classmates, senior and teachers to give him maximum respect.

Burna Boy

Whenever he gets flogged by a teacher, he organizes his fellow back-benchers to visit the teacher outside the school and give him a lesson of his life. He has the exam questions even before the exam day because he and his gang have given the teacher a ‘courtesy’ visit before the exam.


The guy with a very high spec. He will rather soapy than to date an average or ugly girl. He’s very humble and always willing to learn even tho is from someone younger than him.


Have zero interest in education but only attends school because his parents force him to. Always initiates fight between his set and the seniors. Not interested in the process of asking a girl out and all that but he just wants to get to her pant straight up.

Korede Bello

Took the first position only once in his Jss 1 1st term and won’t stop bragging about it when trying to toast a girl. He’s got the whitest socks in the whole school and is never caught unfresh.


The handsome and most intelligent kid in the block who all the girls come to for educational assistance and he uses the opportunity to innocently shift their pants. His intelligence has gotten to his head and he has no respect for anyone.

Yemi Alade

Even the married teachers in the school want to get into her pants but she no dey gree for any of them. She’s in a relationship with her junior but a lot of male teachers are afraid of her cause if she leaks her chat, wahala go dey.


Always sleeps in class. Didn’t perform well academically for the most part of his time in school until when he was about to graduate and things changed for him academically.


She is friendly with all the guys in the class but she’s also very hard to get to. She doesn’t date her classmate, only her seniors.


The smallest guy who is afraid of his seniors, classmates and also juniors. He thrives on people’s sympathy.

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