Top Ten Nigerian Instagram Comedians

Comedy isn’t just an act carried out in gatherings and shows anymore. The evolution of INSTAGRAM  has made many businesses, corporate ventures, and Life in general easier, and the Nigerian comedy scene isn’t excluded.

Many acts have risen to limelight in the comedy space since the emergence of the video and picture sharing media app with crowns of endorsement deals. These acts sprinkle spice of comedy into every aspect of life with a mission to keep us joyful as we face the hustle-bustle of life and everyday hardship in Nigeria.

There is a whole bunch of talented people in Nigeria and now with Instagram, we are beginning to discover more of these talented bunch.

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Top ten funniest Nigerian Instagram comedians.

(10) Mr. Macaroni

As an entertainer, having a signature phrase or dress style is very important as this can help in standing out in a very competitive niche and this is one thing that MrMacaroni utilized and has since grown to become one of the top Instagram comedians in 2020.

His signature phrases ‘You are doing well!’, ‘fantabulous’, ‘ooin’, and signature dress, have helped him grow his fan base and stand out of the numerous Instagram comedians. He is always that guy who can’t help himself whenever he comes across a beautiful or sexy lady.

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You can follow Mr. Macaroni on Instagram HERE!

(9) Wofai Fada

This beautiful actress, comedienne, chef and restaurant boss who previously opened a food outlet “just Afang and Yogiegee” is an Instagram Comic star. Wofai brings light and laughter to her fans with comedy videos on Instagram.

Unlike before when we use to get enough skits from her, she has slowed down and rarely makes skit for Instagram these days and that is quite understandable having the numerous activities and careers she got going on.

You can follow Wofai Fada on Instagram HERE!

(8) Oluwa Dolarz

Oluwa Dolarz comedy is more like a family business as his mother and siblings, Intelligent Tope and Ayomide, are almost always part of his Instagram skits.

Instagram comedian Oluwa Dolarz whose real name is Ogunleye Olamide Babatunde is among the top best Nigerian Instagram Comedians. He produces comedy videos that portray actual life experiences with a lot of humor that will put a hardened heart into laughter.

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You can follow Oluwa Dolarz on Instagram HERE!

(7) KlintonCOD

Despite making Instagram skits for years now, Klintoncod never seems to run out of ideas that will put laughter on the face of his followers.

The UK based Nigerian comedian and MC showcases what happens in many Nigerians churches and homes.

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You can follow KlintonCOD on Instagram HERE!

(6) Sydney Talker

At the beginning of his career, he used to be well known as the towel guy as he always makes use of a white towel in all his videos as his signature style. All that has changed now but his videos are still hilarious or even more hilarious than it was at the beginning.

With all the comic videos he has served us so far, Egere Sydney who is well known as Sydney Talker definitely deserves a spot on the list of top ten Nigerian Instagram comedians.

If you want to quickly switch up your day from a bad and boring day to a bright day filled with laughter, then I’ll recommend that you check out Sydney Talker’s Instagram page.

You can follow Sydney Talker on Instagram HERE!

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(5) Broda Shaggi

Samuel Perry whose stage name is Broda Shaggi is one talented Nigerian Instagram comedian who took the comedy scene by storm with his hilarious skits. While many Nigerian Instagram comedians were just making funny video clips to keep the fans happy and engaged, Broda Shaagi came through with a totally different concept, he started his online comedy with series of hilarious questions and answers section with Aunty Shaggi.

Broda Shaggi isn’t just a good comedian but also a great singer who already has hit singles like “Pariwo“, “Oya Hit Me” and “Ori” to his name.

If you aren’t following Broda Shaggi, trust me you are missing out on a lot of fun.

You can follow Broda Shaggi on Instagram HERE!

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(4) Maraji

Comedienne Gloria Oloruntobi, who doesn’t like been called a comedian and goes by the Stage name Maraji, is a talented multi accent Nigerian act.  She started making videos on Instagram in 2016 out of boredom and has grown her talent from mere boredom-reducing-act to a brand with multiple endorsement deals, a growing fan base, and a large amount of merry Nigerians as a result of her Hilarious skits.

Unlike many other Instagram comedians who work with other characters or fellow comedians, Maraji goes solo and hardly collaborates and single-handedly serves up high-quality comedy videos. She has also appeared in music videos like ‘Something Light’ by Falz and worked with brands like Indomie.

You can follow Maraji on Instagram HERE!

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(3) Lasisi Elenu

This Nigeria number one ranter and MC can let you laugh away a painful mood with his rant videos or portraying his multiple characters. Lasisi is among the best Instagram comedians in Nigeria with a growing fan base of over 2 million followers.

If Lasisi isn’t angry and ranting about Brother Segun, then he is playing the role of ‘Sinzu Money’, the yahoo boy, and with the accuracy in the ‘Sinzu Money’ roles, you might be tempted to think that Lasisi is or was once a yahoo boy.

You can follow Lasisi Elenu on Instagram HERE!

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(2) Josh2Funny

Josh Alfred who is popularly referred to as Josh 2 Funny is one Instagram Comedian that will make you laugh away your sorrows. Josh’s page is ladened with skits of cross-dressed comedy skits where he plays the role of Mama Felicia with his partner Bellokreb and also hilarious covers to songs with his hymn book turned upside down.

He recently unlocked a new character, Resurrection Power, who releases hilarious and gospel inclined covers of popular secular songs. Whenever he gets serious and ready to serve advice and life lessons, don’t get fooled because, in the end, it’s always another funny and senseless video.

You can follow Josh2Funny on Instagram HERE!

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(1) Taaooma

Despite the cliche comedy skits that Instagram comedians keep churning out, Taooma still manages to keep serving unique videos that portray the relationship between most African parents and their kids.

Apaokagi Maryam who is well known as Taaooma delved into comedy in order to sharpen and explore her video editing skills which she had just learned from her boyfriend, Abula, who happens to be a video director and what started out as a hobby for her is now a full-time career.

If you are having whatever type of day and want to brighten up your mood, then you’ll need to check out Taooma’s page and thank me later.

You can follow Taaooma on Instagram HERE!

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