Actress, Lepacious Bose questions claim that slim men are attracted to big, curvy women

Nollywood actress and comedian, Lepacious Bose has quizzed her followers about the popular notion that slim men are attracted to big women.

It can be recalled that the once-obese actress went through a rigorous weight loss program and surgery to achieve her new slim look.

She shared a meme on Instagram with the text: “Connection between slim guys and chubby babes… but why slim guys love chubby gals sef?”

The actress then asked in the caption if slim guys really love big women enough to show them off to friends or if they only love them when they are together in private

She wrote;

Hmmm….. do they really? Do they also show them off? Walk boldly beside them? Show them PDA, flaunt them to friends? Proudly sit beside them at church, events, open spaces? Buy gifts for them, build houses for them etc…
Or do they just love being with them “privately “?
Am not talking of those who met them slim, married them and they got big ooo am talking of meeting the lady as BIG, CURVY OBESED, FAT and staying with her, flaunting her!
I have often wondered about this, what do you think?

PS no dragging, body shaming or insults allowed in the comments section, we are just adults having a matured discussion! Shikenah!

See her post below;

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