Actress Rita Edochie Lay Curses On Her Opposers Amid Ada Jesus Saga

Rita Edochie photo

Rita Edochie photo

Actress Rita Edochie is laying curses on Her Non Supporters Amid Ada Jesus Saga. The veteran actress was engaged in a web of allegations alongside her pastor Odumeje.

It all started when comedian Ada Jesus accused the actress and preacher of performing fake miracles. She claimed that the duo contacted her to provide people with fake miracles and after the deal, her cut of the money was not paid.

Both Rita Edochie and Odumeje debunked her allegations as lies. Shortly after she made the allegations, she fell ill. Her ailment which is said to be Kidney failure has been prevalent for a while but became severe after she made the allegations.

Ada Jesus has since come out to beg Rota Edochie and Odumeje for forgiveness. Her plea of forgiveness was rejected with both Rita and her pastor releasing statements that they won’t forgive her.

Fans, colleagues and even the herbalist whom Ada Jesus once insulted begged Rita Edochie and her man of God to forgive the ailing comedian. Actress Rita has now released a statement forgiving her and celebrating her vindication.

According to the actress, Ada Jesus’ ailment shows that she was lied upon and God has vindicated her. Since she forgave the comedian fans have been on her page. Some are still condemning had for the delay in foregoing while others praise her.

To those who are not supporting her, the actress is laying curses.

See the curses she laid below

Rita Edochie curses her opposers

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