Adunni Ade recalls being raised by her father and step mom and how she was “tossed here and there” (Video)

Actress and mother of two, Adunni Ade opens up about her childhood and how she was raised by her father and stepmom and was being tossed between family members.

In an interview with Chude Jidonwo, she stated that Nigerian men, who are single fathers “can’t really take care of their child”. She said that her father is her everything but the pursuit of money to take care of family didn’t allow him to spend quality time with her and hence she was tossed between family members.

She said;

My dad is my everything. He was doing everything he could to create a name for himself, his business, his work, and I guess, you know…

I hope I’m not being mean by saying Nigerian men, they can’t really… single father, can’t really just take care of their child, so they have to put the child here and put the child there.

See the video below

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