Anita Joseph’s husband, MC Fish, grabs her brsst, kisses it and dumps his face between her cleavage in romantic video

Nigerian actress, Anita Joseph has become well known online for PDA (Public Display of Affection) with her husband, MC Fish and she never passes up an opportunity to brag about her man/marriage.

In her latest now-deleted video, the couple got netizens talking after Anita shared a video of her husband caressing her boobs.

In the video, Anita and MC fish filmed themselves debating who should get a woman’s breasts first between the baby and the woman’s husband.

During the course of the debate, the husband lowers his head to Anita’s breast and kisses it, then grabs her breast with his hand, before burying his face in her cleavage.

She later took down the video but screenshots were already taken and shared *winks*

See below ;

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