BBN Nina Ivy Rejoices As Khloe Kardashian Comment And Likes Her Posts – Photos

Khloe Kardashian comment on nina ivy post

Bbn Nina Ivy rejoices as Khloe Kardashian comments and likes her posts. The reality Tv star and mother of one excitedly shares her joy as the Kardashian sister Khloe likes and comment a heart emoji on her post. The Kardashian’s are the most famous reality Tv stars. Nina getting a like from one of them is huge to her.  She got a like and a love comment which signifies that Khloe Kardashian loves he content.

Nina is one tv star doing unique things and we are happy for her.

See her joyful expression and Khloe Kardashian’s comment below

BBN Nina Ivy reacts as Kloe Kardashian comment and likes her post

Khloe Kardashian comment on nina ivy post


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