Chinese miner attacks Sierra Leonean man on mining site in Sierra Leone

A new video has just surfaced from a mining site in Sierra Leon showing a Chinese miner attacking a Sierra Leonean safety officer with a rod.

As seen from the video, the Sierra Leonean safety officer was in a meeting with other safety workers at Tonkolili Iron Ore mine when the Chinese man interrupted the meeting.

One of the workers who recorded the video asked the Chinese man to leave and the Chinese man refused and spat in front of the man as he continued to scold other workers. The Chinese man approached and scolded the safety officer who was conducting the meeting, he got physical and slaps the documents the man has in his hands and a fight broke out.

The Chinese man reached out for an iron rod to attack the Sierra Leonean safety officer but the man still overpowered him.

Other Sierra Leonean workers near the scene tried the prevent the fight from escalating until other Chinese workers came on board and were angry at the Sierra Leonean man who was filming.

The man filming is heard narrating what happened to the other Chinese workers who ran to the scene during the fight.

He says: “The man is conducting a safety toolbox meeting, he went there and disrupt the safety meeting. He has no right.”

See the full video below;


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