F*** them kids” Writer Ferdinand says he’s “mad” at Davido for not using money donated to him to clear his luxury car as he said he would


A Twitter user (@Burmese_Tyga_) has taken to Twitter to make his anger for Davido known after the singer gave the money that was donated to him to charity.

After Davido announced on social media that he will be giving away the entire 201 million Naira donation he received plus an additional 50 million from his pocket to charity, celebrities, friends, and fans applauded the singer for his generosity but apparently, his decision to give away the money didn’t sit well with @Burmese_Tyga_.

He took to Twitter and wrote;

I woke up mad at Davido for not using you OUR money to clear his RR and maybe pick up a McLaren on the side… Then blow the change at Icebox and on some bad bitches…we sent him money to flex ….fuck them kids.

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