”He is trying”- KCee’s former songwriter, HarrySong responds after a fan said KCee has not been singing “good music” since he left him

Alterplate Plate record boss, Harrysong is of the opinion that his former boss, Kcee is doing just fine since they parted ways back in 2017.

Harrysong was previously signed to Five Star Music, a record label which is owned by E-Money and his brother, Kcee, but Harrysong exited the label unceremoniously in 2017 after several accusations and counter-accusations.

It was reported that Harrysong used to write most of Kcee’s hit records back in the day when they were together and many wondered how Kcee would keep up when they parted ways back then.

Harrysong went on to start his own record label “Alter Plate Music” and has been doing just fine for himself. In a Q&A session on Instagram, a fan opined that Kcee hasn’t been releasing good songs since they parted ways and asked that Harrysong advise him to do better.

The IG user wrote;

Please advice k-cee to sing good music because since you leave him, only God knows what he is singing

Harrysong responded

He’s trying. It’s not easy. Everyone deserves a little encouragement. It’s all love from this side

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