How Wizkid’s babymama, Jada, made Wizkid’s YouTube live show happen

Late last year, on the 19th of November 2020, Wizkid featured in a YouTube Originals ‘Wizkid Like You’ve Never Seen Him Before | A Day In The Live‘, and the show trended on Twitter worldwide.

In a new interview on the Real Talks show, Sheniece Charway, the YouTube Music artist relation manager, has revealed how the show came to live. Sheniece Charway who is a close friend to Wizkid’s manager and baby mama, Jada Pollock, revealed that at YouTube’s black history month end of closing party, they needed someone big to shut it down and Jada suggested that Wizkid was in town and would deliver and just as expected, Wizkid’s performance was top-notch.

After that, the Sheniece’s brought up the idea of making a YouTube originals with Wizkid, and when the YouTube Originals team came up with the new concept of ‘Day In Live’, Sheniece brought Wizkid’s name forward and that was how the show happened.

See the interview below.

See the Wizkid’s YouTube originals show below.

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