“If you are the richest person among your friends, that relationship has expired. Move on” — Pastor Funke Felix-Adejumo (video)

Clergywoman, known as Funke Felix-Adejumo has suggested that people should leave friendships if they are richest person in the group.

She made this known during a sermon and she told her members that they should said leave their friends if they are the best or richest and look for wealthier people to be friends with.

She added that people eventually become what they constantly look at so it is better to hang around with wealthy people

Her words,

“Joseph befriended wealthy prisoners. Butler, bakers, connected prisoners, even in the prison. Some of you, you are the best person in your group. Wake up. That group should expire tonight. You are the richest among your friends, when you sit on the table, that relationship has expired. Move on. Befriend wealthy mentors. You may not like that nose. It doesn’t matter. It is not their nose you came to look at. It is what they are. You look like what you look at.

There is one man called Okeowo. There is one man called Okoya. His wife…whether she is the 15th wife, it is not my business. God has a way of saving them. I am look at them and see dignity, see royalty.

We are lost in the church clapping. ALl we do is cause traffic jam every Sunday”

Watch the video below;

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