Iranian woman who died of a heart attack while waiting to be executed still hanged

An Iranian woman identified as Zahra Ismaili who died of a heart attack while waiting for her turn to be executed still allegedly got hanged.

Zahra was convicted of killing her husband who was a senior official in the Ministry of Intelligence.

According to her lawyer, Omid Moradi, she acted in self-defense as her husband was abusive to both her and their daughter.

The mother of two, Zahra Ismaili was sentenced to death by hanging and on the day of the execution, while watching 16 men get hanged right in front of her at Rajai Shahr Prison, west of the capital Tehran, she died of a heart attack before it got to her turn. Local news reported that despite been dead from a heart attack, she was still hanged.

Following her death, her lawyer, Mr Moradi, took to Facebook to describe how the events unfolded. He claimed his client’s body was still hanged after she collapsed, to allow her husband’s mother to kick a chair away from beneath her.

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