“It’s a shame for a broke man to be trying to find love in someone who is rich” – BBNaija’s Khloe

BBNaija’s former housemate, Khloe took to Snapchat to warn broke men of seeking her love.

According to the reality star, she has already suffered so much in life to settle for less, and as such, broke men should not come close to her with relationship talks.

She wrote;

I have so much love to give … so damn.* much … i believe true love exist and everyone deserves to love and be loved BUT pls if you are broke and can’t afford my kind of lifestyle pls and pls don’t even tell me about relationship i have suffered so much in this life .. i have watched my mum make soup with brisket bone and we all couldn’t complain …

even up till now i can beat my chest that no man ever did anything for me or gave me anything . no one ever gave me 30% of what i need …. so if i work so hard to give myself the best pls dont be broke come in the name of love

my lifestyle cost alot and im not accepting less again in this life ….
For a man to be broke and trying to find love in someone who’s doing better in life is a shame.

Please be rich rich before coming to me … and not just rich , be ready to spoil me or F off …
NOBODY ENJOYS PROVERTY . so let’s stop deceiving ourselves.

She continued;

i’m just a realist …. not a gold digger … i just know my worth and add tax ..

funny enough i hate to ask anyone for help but i just have to know my man is capable incase of anything

pls go for woman your wallet can afford

and before yall say yen yen yen .. your hating ass know i damn work hard for myself enough to cater for what i want but if there is a man in my life . i have to be spoilt and be happy

And for the record … a sis is damn single till a man act like a man in my life . till then …. we outside

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