Ivorian lady with Bobrisky’s tattoo calls him out for beating her up (Video)

Ivorian lady, Kyme Oye who tattooed Bobrisky’s name on her body and was flown into Nigeria by Bobrisky, calls him on social media for battering her and using her as a house help.

Recall that a few months back Bobrisky did giveaway for people that tattooed his name or image on their body. The Ivorian lady who is based in Ivory Coast was one of the benefactors of the giveaway.

After she tattooed Bobrisky’s name on her body, Bobrisky flew her into Nigeria and promised to help her. But in the new video which the girl released in which she was bleeding, she revealed that Bobrisky never helped her but turned her into a house help and also beats her up.

Kyme wrote on Instagram;

Am done have been hiding for so long now am showing your real face to the world wicked human being that lier have been with for 3month supporting you in your lie trying to accept you the way you are wicked man lier!# sorry for my English am an Ivoirian #

She continued;

I dont want to talk about it but I can’t hide it anymore last week Sunday this is what Sobrisky did to me because I forgot to call the hair stylist to come and loose his hair i was trying to explain that I called him but the day I called him he didn’t come so the next day evening he called me because I forgot to tell him he he hit me with a speaker on the face and slap me when I wanted to explain myself, and ask me to pick my stuff and leave his house where should I go me that I dont know Nigeria so I call my mom on video call when she say me crying with blood on my she asked me to come back to Ivory Coast ! No mother we see this and we be happy have been facing a lot with him but I was still holding on because I dont want to leave his house with Quarrel or fight but here is the real reason why I came back to my country is better am happy with family than crying in a big house because of fame.! I gain anything lying to you guys but you can still think what you want.!

See the video below;

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