Ka3na unhappy with a fan that tattooed her name on her body

Unlike Bob Risky and many other celebrities who have shown appreciation to fans that tattooed their name or image on their body, Nigerian reality star, Ka3na isn’t having any of that as she calls out a fan that tattooed her name on her body.

Ka3na stated that there are better ways for fans to show their love for a celebrity rather than tattooing their name/photo on their body and she also asked other celebrities to stop awarding & encouraging fans that do such.

She wrote

How can you do something like this to your own body?  Tattoo is permanent. If you love me and you are my fan, there are ways you can actually show that by always posting my pictures, always on my comment section, always attending my events, seeing me and taking pictures with me..Not tattoing my name on your body. This is wrong. Celebrities that encourage these fans need to stop.

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