Lady recalls how a Pastor made her parents believed she was a witch while she was just 10 years old

A Nigerian lady takes to Twitter to reminisce on how a pastor convinced her father that she was a witch and she was also responsible for her father’s business setback.

The lady (@Chika_Blairssen on Twitter) stated that she was only 10 years of age when this happened and her father got furious and violently asked her to release his business at a deliverance ground.

She wrote;

I was barely 10 years old when
my dad was shouting at me to ‘release his business!!!’ at a deliverance ground with so much anger and disgust in his eyes
The pastor had said I was a witch who was holding back my dad’s progress.
All because I had big eyeballs
Incase you’re wondering where my mum was when it was happening and why didnt she defend me.
Who do you think took my dad to the church??

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