Nigerians drag former Presidential Aspirant, Adamu Garba for likening bandits to Niger Delta militants

Once again, just like many other times, Adamu Garba is being dragged by Nigerians on Twitter and this time around it is for likening Bandits to Niger Delta militants.

While speaking on AIT, he said that Boko Haram and Bandits should be deradicalized and also trained further just as the Federal government did to Niger Delta militants under the amnesty program.

He said

Deradicalisation that is done to this Boko Haram isn’t enough. You can’t deradicalise me by speaking to me or bringing a preacher. I need to have some sense of responsibility on myself and my wellbeing. What happened in the Niger Delta case is that they were not just inetrgrated into the community, they were trained, some of them became pilots, engineers

He continues

What Niger Delta did was it not killing and criminality too? Was it not kidnapping and bombing too? It is? What we need to do is to train them and give them a sense of responsibility

He took to Twitter to re-emphasize his stance on bandits and Boko haram and this didn’t sit well with Nigerians.

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