Over Heating Car Burns Down At Unilag While Fire Service Officials Watch – Video

Over heating car burns down while fire service official watch

A car burns down in Unilag while fire service watch

An overheating car burns down at Unilag while fire service watch because they arrived the scene without water. The incidence is reported to have happened yesterday afternoon.  According to report, security officials at the university of Lagos Akoka watched while the car burnt off. In the midst of occurrence fire services arrived but without water hence they couldn’t quench the fire. However, photos show fire service officials trying to put off fire from the already burnt car.

The reprter stated “a car was over heating and start catching fire, instead of the security men to quench the fire they were just looking at the car which they are meant to protect and the funniest part of all was that, fire service came to this exact spot instead of them to put off the fire, the came without water, what a failed country”

Fire service officials arriving accident scenes without water in their tank is fast becoming a feat in Nigeria. It is an unprofessional act that does more arm than good and we hope it stops soon.

See photos and video from the incidence

A car burns down in Unilag while fire service watchA car burns down in Unilag while fire service watch


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