“Prince Phillip It Is Not Possible For You To Rest In Peace…” – Shade Ladipo Writes

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Media personality Shade Ladipo have written an epistle laden with some truth, history and misappropriation.  She content creator and business coach shared a post on her insta story saying “The British-operated slave trade across the Atlantic was one of the biggest businesses of the 18th century between 1525 and 1866…”

She showed displeasure in the act of the slave trade and pined the current state of Africa on the British act of colonization. However, she emphasized that she does not hate the monarchy but they won’t rest in peace. In as much as there are some fact in her statement, it is worthy of note that Prince Phillip was but a young boy growing into a man when slave trade and colonization was stopped in Nigeria precisely. This means he was a young lad without power, wisdom or say to abolish the existent system of slave trade when it reigned in Africa.

Asides that, Prince Phillip the late husband of Queen Elizabeth II wasn’t a slave trader and he did not colonize Africa. Queen Elizabeth ruled Nigeria as a sovereign state between 1960 to 1963 which was years after slave trade was abolished. Can it be ,Shade Ladipo means that Prince Phillip and the monarchy will not know peace for the sins of their forebears? Her words did not portray that but it might have been what she means.

See her post wishing the late husband of the Queen of England not to rest in peace


shade ladipo's post shade ladipo's postshade ladipo's post


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