Women arrested after stripping to pose naked for ‘stunt’ in Dubai

A group of women has ended up in police custody after they posed naked on a penthouse balcony in Dubai.

Someone in an adjacent building in the city’s upscale Marina neighborhood recorded the women and shared the video which then went viral on social media.

Dubai newspaper, The National, reported the group had been taking part in a publicity stunt.

Dubai Police described the behavior of the women as “unacceptable” and stated that “it does not reflect the values and ethics of Emirati society”.

The women detained face up to six months in prison and a fine of around £1,000 for violating public decency laws in the United Arab Emirates.

Anyone who has shared the footage online could also be in trouble with the law, as sharing pornographic material is also punishable by law within the country.

In a statement, Dubai Police said: “A criminal case has been registered against the arrested and they have been referred to the Public Prosecution for further legal action.

“Dubai Police warns against such unacceptable behaviors which do not reflect the values and ethics of the Emirati society.”

In the UAE, tamer behavior, like kissing in public or drinking alcohol without a license, has landed people in jail. People have also been jailed for their comments and videos online.

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