Davido hates and envies Wizkid and here is why

Davido hates and envies Wizkid and here is why

On social media, Davido has always been the guy preaching love and seems like the guy trying to reach out to Wizkid and have a cordial relationship. When Wizkid released his album ‘Made In Lagos’, Davido posted the album on his Instagram & Twitter page but Wizkid never responded so Wiz looked like the guy who doesn’t want anything to do with him or probably make peace but we’ve got it all wrong. A lot of us the fans have no idea what goes on behind scenes and we don’t connect the dots most times. A Twitter user @MDee_01 took to Twitter, in this new insightful thread to make us see reasons as to why Davido & his team really don’t like Wizkid and envy him despite all the things Davido does online to show love for all.

Read the thread below.

What was Wizkid’s offence?
A whole family / media outlets
against just one man years ago.
The media were silent coz their
Mouth got sealed with giveaway!!!!
If you go through this and you still call fc toxic, thunder fire you 💯

Thread !!!


2017 when wizkid dropped #SFTOS, Davido couldn’t take it no more, man had to sub wizkid by saying na “”pon pon dey reign all other sound na least for now””.Same yr he said fuck international collaboration

Funny how he’s the same guy begging international artists for verse now 😂

Same 2017 when wizkid dropped #SFTOS, look at what his cousin “”Tunji”” did. Man even did a whole video calling #SFTOS trash..

Lol why are they all obsessed with just one man ???

You control the whole media against him, yet your family still join

Then in 2020, we saw him shamelessly denying he didn’t say so “”When God humble you, you just concor ooo

Funny how they dropped 2 back to back album and they ain’t still touching Sftos sales and charts

Shame !!!

2018, Wizkid let go of every bullshit that happened in 2017, showed Davido love, and even attended his show in the UK.

Asked people to even vote for Davido.

Wizkid appeals to his fans to vote for Davido as BET's Best International Act

Then again him and his family started…lol

When Nicki posted the picture she took with Wizkid, look at what one of his blood said about wizkid!!!

How can a sane human being said all of this about someone?

Hatred or obsession?

Same 2018, when fever dropped, his crew member insulted wizkid & tiwa. They even went as far as calling tiwa ashawo

Once u rolling with Wizkid, they see you as their enemy. Evil

2019, Davido and his boys did this to wizkid when he bought A Richard Millie for his manager.

Wizkid FC has their records.. The internet never forget.

Fast forward to 2020, he told “Ebuka” that he haven’t done anything wrong to wizkid..

Davido : 2018, wizkid my broda did it am doing it too

Davido : 2019 to Ebro via interview, he said he was the first to sell out 02..lol

Davido : to Ebuka, I av never try to look down on what wizkid has done

Please give me a perfect definition of “”Hypocrite”” better than this

After he lied to Ebro,
Ebro tweeted about it, but trust fc, we exposed him, Ebro ended up deleting the tweets.

Same guy that told Ebuka that he has never look down on what wizkid has done OOO

Victim card as usual

2020, we all know wizkid made emoji available for #MIL right?

Here is him and his influencer trying to sub wiz & MIL by saying “”Do you want classic or emoji”” lol but it later ended in tears

I think those big features he had gave him early confidence. Now he flopped. Humbled

Davido shades Wizkid's Made In Lagos album

Lmao one of his cousins even swore Album will swallow album but later ended in tears. Its been a while the guy even post about the Album 😂

2018 when Ciroc announced wizkid as Ciroc global ambassador, davido and tue cubana guy quickly posted about “”FAKE HENNESSY”” deal

Same guy that said fuck endorsement deal in 2020 was busy faking deal in 2018 😭😭😂

Davido fake Hennessy endorsementDavido fake Hennessy endorsement

One thing sure me die

“” If you fight with grace, you will end up been disgraced””

These are all from him and his family no, we never touch the influencers own and his media outlets ooo.

Odabo !!!

Lol they hate me coz my father is rich will forever be funny !!!


End of thread!

When Aloma DMW called out & insulted Burna Boy, we all saw how Davido came out publicly and cautioned Aloma DMW, and Aloma even apologized but we have never seen that same energy whenever Wizkid was insulted by his gang members and also family. You can’t tell me that he doesn’t see all these things they say about him. We have never seen anyone from Wizkid’s camp come out to throw subtle shade at any artist ever! this goes to show that whenever an artist crew/gang keep throwing shade(s) at other artists, this is what they probably gossip about in private and the artist is in support of that. Davido has always cried out that people in the industry hates him because his father is rich but what do we make of this thread?

So whenever you find Wizkid not responding to Davido’s public display of support & love, you should know that Wizkid is probably tired of the fake show of love.

When Made in Lagos was released Obama DMW said the album was wack & Ayanfe’s ‘African Vibe’ is better than the entire project (LMAO 😂 😂) and Dre said ‘Album go Swallow album’, well three months after the release of Made in Lagos and three months after the release of ‘A Better Time’, we can say that Davido’s camp isn’t having a field day. Wizkid’s Made In Lagos has been on the number one spot on Top Hundred Albums in Nigeria (See image evidence below) with, the album held the number 4 position on UK Top Albums on Apple Music surpassing the likes of Ariana Grande and Lil Durke (See photo evidence below), Saweetie admitted that the only album she can’t live without this year is Wizkid’s Made In Lagos (See video evidence HERE!) and don’t even get me started on the numerous international magazines where the album was listed as one of the best albums of 2020. call me crazy but that isn’t how they swallow an album and we haven’t seen those rude remarks from Davido’s camp shading the album again. Clout can get an album or song huge surge of initial streams but only quality can give an album/single replay value that will bring it back to the top of the charts when the clout chasers & noisemakers are done talking. We can be sure of a Grammy nomination in the next Grammy for Wizkid’s Made In Lagos.

Davido plays the victim card a lot and likes to portray the good guy online and fans don’t see this yet. Anyways I hope you understand Wizkid better via the post and why he loves to stay away from the social media frenzy and love most times.


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