Nigerian ladies reveal terrible things other ladies have done to them

This sentence ‘Fear Women’ is quite common in the Nigerian internet space. It has trended on several occasions on Twitter NG and whenever news of a woman who did something terrible hit the internet, the comment section will be filled with ‘Fear Women’.

Recently some Nigerian women came online to share the terrible encounters that they have had with their fellow women and we are still in shock. See below.



Omo ehh Brought her home normal normal nah to see the parents and started throwing passes at our friend’s dad,to the extend that it gave their mum HBP,the woman died and she is married to our friend’s dad with kids. How can you marry your friend’s dad? 🤦🏼‍♀️  We are our worst enemy


Her boyfriend saw an open condom pack in her bag, diff from the brand he normally use. She told him it belonged to me. The following week, we hanged out together and my boyfriend was there so she brought it up in a sarcastic way knowing my man has not been around. I kept begging her to say the truth. This girl knelt down and swore heaven and earth that it wasn’t hers. She was even crying. My man and I broke up due to that incident. They both came back months later to apologise because this time, he caught her fucking his neighbor.


It was my final year, my project supervisor wanted sex for grades. I confided in a friend who happens to be under him too. I told her my plans to take a record of him when next he tells me shit and take it to students affairs, the babe legit told him everything I said. I wanted to die.


We were leaving as roommate and she was always jealous on my success not until the day we had a fight, she confessed of poisoning my food but thank God I slept off dat night without eating.


My Best friend slept with my man and got pregnant, I still took her to the hospital to terminate it and still got the man a cake that same day. It was his birthday. I sorted the hospital bills. She’s now married with 3 kids.


Mine is just a long story. To cut the story short my best friend’s brother tried to rape me. Not knowing she already planned the whole thing with her brother. Omo I thank I escaped and thanks to my pepper spray..whenever I remember this incident i just thank God 😭 😩


A girl I was close to offered our lecturer payment (cash or kind)for him to fail another female student. Well the man came to class to expose the girl and made her have extra years in school


I’ve never experienced such cos i don’t keep girls close as friend, just hello and hi and everybody will go on there own. Since my Aunt’s death, her best friend and roommate got jealous of her because her boss as at then preferred my aunt to her cos they were working in the same Place she used my Aunt’s panties which she wore and started smelling, did several test and nothing came out as the result, she started reducing in size till we lost her. Fear Women


Travelled over 12hrs by road to her base for an interview. She knew I had no one else in that town. she sent me a text after I called to inform her of my arrival that her bf was in town and she could no more accommodate me. I Slept in the park, went for the interview next morning and travelled back again that same day via night bus. She never called to ask howfar



A long story but I will get straight to the point, brought this girl home from school like any other friend, she started admiring my dad and stole his number from my phone. She confided in somebody else that she didn’t have the balls to call him yet, that was how I got to know.


Where do I start? The one that encouraged and even followed me to break up with my ex and started dating him the next week. Or the one that I wanted to help out of an abusive relationship that went back to report me to her guy. Or ….. them plenty abeg…


One stole my boyfriend’s number from my phone,and they were sexting in my presence. The mumu boy,even called me to ask if she was with me i lied and said she’s not with me.The next day when i was cooking i poured plenty pepper i inside the food i cooked knowing she had ulcer 🚶‍♀️


I was dating her family friend and she introduced me to another guy who she wanted me to milk for money. Unfortunately we fell in love and she warned me to call it off. I didn’t.So she led her family friend to a spot I was at with the new guy so she could ruin the relationship


Long story short, had issues with my boyfriend. as fa my closest friend I confided in her, she gave me a shoulder to cry on, fast forward after 1week we were gisting she said she was glad we broke up with him now I won’t get married before her.


A friend shared this with me. Her Roommate drug her with 48hrs sleeping tablet 5hrs to her to her final paper,all because of jealousy.


So I traveled for few months, got a call fr my friends mum telling me my friend don dey date my bf, it was not as if she didn’t know this guy was my bf oo called her to confirm babe legit told me to go ask my bf, called the guy he said she came onto him. I just laff,wish Dem well


one mumu poisoned my sister’s food cause she wore better clothes thank God say she no chop the food the mf called the following morning to apologize imagine


Long story but I’ll make it short 2 of my friends planned to do Jazz to attract men so they could collect money. They tried to talk me into it instead I warned them about it. Girl A did hers girl B did hers somewhere else. They gave girl A 1k note to always keep in her wallet While girl B was warned not to have sex with any man for 3 days her zaddy came back babe when to see him Oga did not let her go and they had sex. Girl A and her Bf had issues she told him I took her to see native doctor to do Jazz. This man told people to avoid me. We grew up together o. I left them and I am doing well


I had a friend in my 200level that i did everything for cus i thought she would do the same if reverse was the case,she had problems with accomodation and i helped her out,didnt ask for a dime for rent,didn’t tell her pay for food or anything cus i thought what are friends for. Next session i was unlucky but then my supposed friend got her own place so i went to stay with her.She told me she couldn’t share her bed and i couldn’t bring in my own mattress that i should take the floor,she wouldn’t eat at home cus she didn’t want to buy food in the house.


She was my roomie,we had our good and bad times together until a year ago when she started telling people to go far away from me Talking about me taking her clothes to steal her glory…this thing still hurts my soul cos God knows how much I loved her.


One also went through my phone stole numbers and went ahead to call every guy on my phone and tell them horrible things about me meanwhile she sent someone close to me to collect the phone and I had no idea . some of these people were my family friends they called me to inform me


Dude told my friend he love me, he want my friend to hint me before he make his move. I like dude too but I took him as school brother. My friend didn’t hint me about his feelings for me, but she went ahead to tell dude I said I can never date him, that it’s his younger brother I love, whereas I never discussed anything of such with my friend. My friend do say it in my presence that she love dude and would be happy if he ask her out. Dude travelled out of the country and chatted me 6 years later and asked why I hated him and I was like why will he say Such thing. He narrated the whole thing to me and I was just laughing, I told him she never told me anything and I didn’t say anything of such to her. I told him my friend like him then,maybe that’s why she lied. I asked my friend later and she said why will he choose me over her


My “best babe” said ‘why do good things happen to you all the time, can’t a single bad thing happen to you? I knew the friendship had to end!


Can’t call her a friend tho, she stole my provisions and was watching me search for them in vain. She later came to tell me that I shouldn’t worry she would help me look for it. Something she stole lol!



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