Zlatan Ibile is the real owner of the Shakiti Bobo Dance not Olamide

In April 2015, Olamide released the single ‘Bobo’ accompanied by a dance step ‘Shakiti Bobo’ that went viral at the time of its release and he was credited for inventing the dance.

But contrary to the belief of the public, the dance step for Shakiti Bobo was invented by Zlatan Ibile when he was still an upcoming artist alongside Laks. Zlatan and Laks initially named the dance step ‘Kuzo’ and released a dance video and song for the dance step. They also went on to launch a Kuzo dance challenge with a grand prize of $1000 for the winner.

After the release of ‘Kuzo’, Olamide released ‘Bobo’ and used the Kuzo dance and as a bigger artist at the time, he was credited for originating the dance step.

See the Kuzo dance video by Zlatan and Laks below.

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