Mr P Vs Rudeboy – Who is a bigger artist now?

It’s been almost two years since Peter and Paul of the popular music group – P-Square split up and fans have slowly moved on and accepted their solo career.

Some have taken to the side of Mr. P (Peter) while some are now die-hard fans of Rudeboy (Paul) but to be honest even tho they were stronger together, unlike expected, the two of them are doing very well for themselves individually.

Peter Okoye won his first solo award last year and have given us good songs like ‘Zombie’, ‘For My Head’, ‘Wookie Wookie’, ‘One More Night’, ‘Too Late’ while Paul (Rude Boy) has given hit songs like ‘Chizoba’, ‘Double Double’, ‘Somebody Baby’, ‘Reason with me’, ‘Audio Money’ and many other hit songs.

Mr. P has more followers on Instagram than Rudeboy, as he is among the top ten most followed celebrities in Nigeria with a total of 10.1 million followers while Rudeboy has 7.1 Million followers. On the list of top ten richest Nigerian musicians, Mr P is richer than Rudeboy as Mr. P is worth $11.8 million while Rudeboy is worth $10.97 million so in terms of branding and finance, Mr. P is bigger than Rudeboy.

But in terms of their individual music career success, Rudeboy has performed exceedingly well and is doing way better than his brother Mr. P. His song ‘Reason With Me‘ was one of the most-streamed records in 2019 on YouTube and has more streams than all Mr. P’s songs together and has also scored other major hit songs like ‘Audio Money‘, ‘Take It’, ‘Woman’, ‘Double Double’. So in terms of music career success, Rudeboy is currently way bigger and more successful than Mr. P.

So for you, between Rudeboy and Mr. P who do you think is doing better since they separated?

Now over to You!

Between Mr. P and Rudeboy, Since they separated, who is doing better?

Let’s hear from you all.

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    • To me I love them so much when they came on board with a title song “story” but from when they separated I never love them again, then if they separated to no who is greater than each other then it means that the devil is really at work. But for sure I have love for Mr P.

  1. Mr P is a bigger artist. He has won an award as a solo artist but his twin brother has not won any. He has gained a good number of endorsement deals more than his brother. His instagram followers are bigger when compared with those of his twin brother. Internationally, he has more recognition than his brother. He is also richer than his brother
    By these standards I raised, my conclusion is that Mr P is a bigger artist than his twin brother, Rude boy.

    • Are you guys listening to yourself, go to YouTube, they say numbers don’t lie abi, go check right now “reason with me ” has more views than all mr p songs put together he was one of the 5 most viewed in Africa do your research plus he sold out all his concerts across the globe he sold out even in the rain mr p knew he’s dead musically that’s why he introduces zoom life to extort money from people

      • U don’t know what you are talking about please never in ur life compared rude boy with mr p, mr p is number one

  2. Like erigga say this is end of panda cover, so to close it all MR P is the best not only bigger than his brother but the best dancer and best video in the world, with capital letter MR P all the way👍

  3. The both are doing well… Mr p is very real and king Rudy is on artificial intelligence…. I love Mr p his the best

  4. You guys should forget the fact that Rude Boy realised a lovely song
    Which is REASON WITH ME
    But Mr. P is best artist 🎙
    I love any of his track
    He has a sensitive lyrics than his bro
    Carry on my mentor
    I uses most of your instrumental beat for gospel songs
    Give me another hottest one please

  5. Mr p is a super dance but nt talentented like the broder RUDE boy that i love all the music RUDE BOY is the only king GOD BLESS RUDE BOY FOR EVER LOVE U

  6. I love The both of them but to tell you the truth rude boy is musically talented and mr p is a dancer both of them have different gift i suggest both of the come together for the equation to be balance thank you👍

  7. Ruuuuuude!
    Rudeboy is better than Mr p in terms of music whereas Mr p is better than rudeboy when dancing counts. But I do love and stay update for rudeboy’s songs. He has my best music ever. #Audio Money

    Mr. P can’t sing a good song when alone, but when with other artists like DJ spinal and niniola, he’s song is like WOW. #Love his hit with DJ spinal #Prodigal🥰

  8. To me,i just want to declare everybody for my own ambition that,rudeboy is better than mrp

    • Second, my mission here again is, rudeboy is the best between he brother Mr p, you guys should prohibitionally me because I am saying the reality is true

  9. MR. P is the best ever talanted in singing and dance and he is friendly compared to his brother RUDEBOY……

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