Quiz Time! Money Heist Fans Get In Here!

After a year of waiting patiently, season 4 of La casa de Papel also known as Money Heist is finally out on Netflix.

Season 4 contains 8 episodes and from the way it ended, we are sure that another season is on the way. In the last season (season 4), Arturo Román (the director of the Royal Mint of Spain and one of the hostages right from season one) and Gandia (The Chief Security officer of the governor of The Bank Of Spain) were the most hated characters in the new season.

Gandia took the life of ‘Nairobi’, one of viewers favorite acts, caused chaos during the heist, while Arturo Román continued to be the annoying character that he had always been from the onset of the movie.

My Question now for the money heist fans is

If you were given an opportunity to eliminate either Arturo or Gandia (in Money Heist) who will you kill?

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